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Winter Solstice Guided Meditation - A Time of Growth and Healing by Psychic Lacey

Date 2/3/2023
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As we lie dormant, resting, taking a break, celebrating with family, and preparing for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we often forget about the beautiful gift of the winter solstice, a time of observing, nourishing, rejuvenating, and resting our body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Winter Solstice Meditation

Just like seeds being asleep, we place into ourselves our goals and dreams, what we would like to achieve and what our purpose is. Millions of people create New Year’s Resolutions, hoping in faith it will come to be and wishing away that they will materialize. Yet they most often forget the growth, the process, the thinking, the action, and most of all – did they mean it from their heart?

Healing from the heart is sacred and when you come from the heart you should set your intentions. The universe flows, it weaves its magical carpet to guide us on our journey, from new beginnings and relationships to work options and a deep desire to do what we love... a need to be free from limitations

Nature is Limitless

Just by looking at nature, do you see limitations? No, there is only abundance. Do you see walls around the sky, the clouds, or the ocean? No, there is only abundance. Man might interfere, but the universe will always provide. 

Autumn and winter bring in flows of change but use this time to nurture yourself and heal those wounds that cause pain.

I always guide others to first heal themselves, to delve deep into the root, working on each energy center in order to balance and heal. You should not ask or create from a space you have not healed as you are still wounded by the trauma that has happened in your life. This will only create a magnet to bring in what you fear. With guided meditation, we open a space of calmness and true trust within, as it helps us to release emotions, memories, and thoughts from the past.

You are guided to delve into yourself, to see your own beauty and the light that shines so brightly within every part of your being. Among the roots that ground us, fear often appears. This is part of the programming of values that surface from previous life experiences. 

Let It Go

The Winter Solstice helps us to let go and to trust. Write down your desires. Be clear as the universe loves to bring surprises, true treasures of blessings from nowhere out of the blue. Give it all to your Guardian Angel.

In this time of Darkness, see your light shining bright, do not let anyone fool you or take your light. Keep it safe for yourself. If you want to change, you need the energy that you have for yourself, do not share or divide it in half. Make a vow of commitment to love yourself more, to put your own needs first, and to do what you love and are passionate about.

Time is a Healer

Become the book you want to read, not the one from someone else’s life. Be aware of the cycle of nature as it gently flows from one season to the other. Observe nature and follow, as you will quickly realize that there is a balance you can borrow. 

Just as dark as the days become, go into the darkness just for fun. What you will find... love it, accept it and heal from it. It is time to set it free, just as the snow falls off the trees. Shake it off and say your goodbyes. Become quiet with your words, your mind, and your emotions. Observe and just let go... Do not give them a home. 

I love this time to cut the cords, to release myself and all that controls, all that is not mine, but all those I gave a home. I love them, but I no longer need them. I will take them off, just like layers of clothing. 

Now it is me, standing here, all alone. Wow, how I have grown. 

Let me be your guide to see your light with my original Winter Solstice Guided Meditation. As discussed above, it’s really about releasing the old and allowing the new in.

Winter Solstice Guided Meditation

Before You Begin: 

Find yourself in a wonderfully comfortable position and when you are ready, please close your eyes. Let go of all your thoughts as your body, mind, soul, and spirit become quiet and peaceful. Let go of all your feelings and emotions, and allow yourself just to be.

Now is the time to watch the relaxing guided meditation video or just listen and follow along with the script below.

Start of Meditation

Gently breathe in and see with every breath how you become more and more relaxed. As you breathe out, let go of all the energy that surrounds you. Breathe out all the negative emotions, past trauma, and pain and see how it gently moves away and disappears.

See how you are letting go of all the layers that you have used as protection and how light you begin to feel. Breathe in love and see how every part of your being is filled with love. Imagine the most beautiful green emerald colors of energy filling your body which spirals through every part of your being and how you feel loved, relaxed and calm...

Gently breathe in and see how the air moves down your body into your feet connecting and grounding you with the beautiful energy of mother earth. As you look at your feet, imagine yourself walking through a beautiful forest. Listen to the birds chirping away, singing their songs, the leaves crackling under your feet and the wind howling in your ear. 

You see the trees, all fast asleep, preparing and healing for Spring to come. You feel the coolness of the air and yet you feel so peaceful and at home. As you walk through the forest, you quickly become aware that your guardian angel is near and that you are not alone. 

As you walk along the pathway you see a bright light on top of a mountain. As you walk closer to see the light, you realize that it is your light... shining so bright and divinely given to you at birth. Sacred and pure. As you touch this light and gently step forward into this light, you feel your whole being realigned – every chakra and every part of your being. 

The light moves from your base chakra, creating the most powerful red light. See this beautiful red light infusing every part of your chakra. Grounding and creating stability in your life. This light moves to your sacral chakra, creating the most powerful orange light and infusing every part of your chakra. Just feel the calmness and serenity flowing through you. Healing your relationships with people, finances, and yourself. This light moves onto your solar plexus and creates the brightest yellow light spiraling into every part of your solar plexus. Balancing your ego and your will. It then moves to your heart chakra and creates the most powerful and brightest green light. Infusing your heart with love and healing. This light moves to your throat chakra and creates a beautiful bright blue light, activating and clearing your throat chakra. The light then moves to your third eye and creates a magical indigo light, clearing and activating your third eye. The light moves to your crown chakra, an exquisite violet light, powerful and divine, balancing and opening your crown chakra. This light has now balanced and healed every chakra within your body...

You feel this light release all the layers you have kept as protection, layers that were placed on you from one generation to the next, just as the trees set free their leaves. Gently see how all the layers disappear, see how you are bathing in your own beautiful light. You feel free and so divinely at peace. 

As you breathe this light in, it fills every part of your mind, body, and soul. As you take a step back from this light you feel so different... you feel enlightened, rejuvenated, and renewed. You feel every part of your being is new, transformed, and ready for everything the Universe has to offer. 

Imagine yourself now walking down the mountain, you feel as light as a feather. Ready to take this new you into the world? As you kindly thank this light for shining so bright, thank it for being your guide from one year to the next.

Walking gently back through the forest you glide along the path, as it all feels so light and effortless... This burning fire within you lightens your path as you take every step forward. You thank your Guardian Angel for their delightful companionship of support and guidance.

As you find yourself among the trees you see how you planted your seeds, ready to grow, filled with love, filled by desire, and a step closer to your soul. Just trust and let them grow. See how your dreams and goals find their roots, a strong foundation that will hold.

End of Meditation

Gently focus on bringing your energy back into your body and the comfortable space you are in. Take a deep breath into your body, feel how it flows down into your feet, grounding you, this change, and the new you...

When you are ready, just open your eyes and take this new you with every step that you take from this day going forward. Allow your seeds to grow, fertilize them with faith and love and they will be part of your future growth. Gently breathe in and allow yourself to be who you are meant to be – allow your light to guide you wherever you go.

Many Blessings and Happy Holidays!

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