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View to Your Hue: White Aura Meaning Guided Meditation

Date 6/7/2024
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Understand the true essence of white auras and all the ways they can manifest itself in your life with this in-depth podcast and article by Psychic Lacey.

Blessed by creation, we all have a bio-magnetic or auric field that contains seven layers. This auric field exudes a certain color that provides information about the person, their path, talents, and personality. It can manifest in assorted rays of colors depending on feelings, emotions, and current thoughts. The hue is often linked to a chakra. In addition, colors can interchange depending on how our energy changes.

Auras can be viewed by those who have opened their inner and outer spiritual senses or psychic gifts. It is thought that the auric color can give you the essence of the soul and tell you more about the true nature of a person. Let us look at the essence of a white-hued person, our last hue of the series.

Lady in white

White Aura Personality

The white aura is a very interesting hue.  We are all born with this hue, but over time, that color changes as we develop our skills, talents, personalities, and desires. Please note, this hue is very rare, but one to set as a goal to achieve in this lifetime. The purer, lighter, and cleaner your energy, the more you will accelerate yourself to connect to higher dimensions and experience ascension.

White auras are very bright, often seen as a halo around a person. These beautiful souls are pure and full of goodness. They respect authority and will not bend the rules. Those with a white aura have a lot of inner strength and will shine brightly to be an example for others.

While they will always guide and help others, they are also lone wolves who love their own space. White aura people enjoy solitude and love to isolate themselves from the world. They tend to be protected from illness, misfortune, or negative energy, as they project a world of positivity, love, and peace. These souls have a good sense of humor, but they can set it aside to focus on more important tasks at hand. At times, they can be rigid and set in their ways.

White aura people are open and receptive to universal flow and light. Attracting all the attention when they walk into a room, they have an invisible light that is felt by others. They are very motivated and ambitious when they are standing for truth, not for material gain. Seekers of knowledge and wisdom, white aura people love to expand their horizons. They have a desire to know and understand all of creation. Their natural empathic skills help them attain that knowledge and they often choose a spiritual path. Those with a white aura are good listeners and will assist others by giving good advice.

White Hue Aura Life Path and Career

Those with a white hued aura naturally tend to keep towards the light, especially in spiritual matters. But they can also have deep concerns for preserving law and order among their fellow human beings. Their career choices reflect that duality. You will see white aura people choose a path that is very spiritual, like becoming a healer, guru, psychic, or medium. Or those with this color hue choose to be a part of those finding solutions to the problems of this world by being a judge, counselor, therapist, religious worker, or law enforcement.

Their solitary tendencies mean they usually have a desire to help others but do not wish to be part of a team. Valuing their independence, those with a white aura desire to make their own space that is comfortable for them. Leadership is not their goal as they prefer to be supporting pillars of humanity. Their desire for growth is never materialistic but spiritual. They seek to be part of the universal flow of the cosmos.


Shades of a White Aura

Light White Aura

This person is still learning to enhance their energy, to uplift themselves, and raise their vibration. They are pure of heart and true incarnations of love and peace. Those with a light white aura have a desire to help all of humanity. They want to serve and guide.

Bright White Aura

A bright white aura hue belongs to a pure soul that is kind, giving, and compassionate. This soul does not allow darkness or negativity. Wise and spiritual, they naturally favor balance and allow inner guidance to influence them on their path. Those with a bright white aura carry wisdom, inner power, and knowledge. They are connected to the higher source of their soul to assist, guide, and heal others. The more they move into helping and healing, the brighter the hue becomes. Also, the more they are open to the cosmic rays of the universe, the more their light shines brighter.

Dark and Murky White Aura

These beautiful souls have lost their trust in humankind and have often been cheated or taken advantage of. Deeply hurt by others' control and manipulation, these souls have made choices in life that do not serve them. They are also harsh at judging others. Murky white aura people allow others to influence their energy, as they do not have the power or will to stand up for themselves. Their past pain and trauma overshadow them, making it difficult to let go or to move on. This person often feels stagnant and blocked in their lives. They believe that no matter what direction they go in they can never move on.

Something to note: When a white aura person of high vibration energy interacts with a low vibration person, their aura will become a murky gray aura. It is important for people to understand how others’ aura and emotions can transfer. A person of lower vibration energy will consume the energy of a bright-hued person. Be careful who you allow into your space.

Chakra Associated with a White Aura

This auric hue is linked to the crown chakra, the 7th chakra, connecting the person to the energy of the universe and the divine source of creation. A white aura person is also connected to the soul chakra above the 7th chakra, which connects the person to soul energy.

White light is composed of pure infinite rays of light, allowing a person to be connected to the purest and highest source of energy. This person often attracts infinite knowledge, wisdom, truth, and energy. They are often seen as gurus, healers, therapists, or truth seekers. Since they tend to work with universal energy white aura people do not drain their own energy in their work.

Their crown chakra is closely linked to their heart chakra. They give out unconditional love, and people will often feel the energy or light that they radiate. They keep their energy pure, flowing, and positive. Easy access to akashic records is often granted to these pure souls.

 Bodhisattva with flowers

The Disadvantage of Having a White Aura

The disadvantage of this soul is the fact that others can see them as distant, cold, or aloof. People can find it hard to connect with them if they wish to talk about worldly possessions or material gain. They tend to be lone wolves, so they can often be found isolated away from others. This can affect relationships or cause disconnections with family, friends, or other relationships. They might often feel they do not fit into this world.


Love and Romance

These souls tend to find romance and love difficult in partnerships, as their focus is to serve all of humanity. Relationships and a focus on one person can be too tiresome and draining, as they feel they have so much love to give to all of humanity, not just one person. Their desire is always to help others and to support them all.  This desire to serve can be all encompassing, keeping them from doing anything to compromise it, including forming attachments to others. They can also assume that others feel the same way, so there is no need to compromise on their mission. Those with a white aura will leave before allowing volatile or insecure friendships or relationships to be formed.

Because they love themselves and feel the love of the universe manifested within them, those with a white aura do not have the desire to be loved or wanted by others. They never feel alone and have no desire to fill their space with earthly distractions. If they find a partner with similar outlooks, they can make a success of their connection.

 spiritual crystals and candle

How Do I Know If I Have a White Aura? 

Do you tend to focus on love and light? Do you prefer to isolate yourself and love your own space? Do you have a strong wish to serve humanity? Do you feel you need to be there for others, guide them and save them? Are you always right or justify that you are? Do you feel attracted to law and order? Do you feel you love yourself and have no desire for others’ love to feel validated? Do you feel that you are a lone wolf? If you said “yes” to all the above, you might have a white aura hue.


Can I Have a White Aura?

Anyone can have a white aura; the more you visualize and focus on the color, the more you can manifest this hue. Please follow this guided white aura meditation to help you create a white aura. Wearing white clothing can help you enhance your white aura. Please note that this meditation will help you to manifest a white aura, as visualization manifests into reality when we focus. However, this meditation should be followed daily or weekly to allow you, as an individual, to support this vibrational energy level. I so look forward to guiding you on your path.

Thank you for joining me in this last installment of our series on auric hues.

Much love,

Psychic Lacey 3635


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