Processing the Roots of Limiting Beliefs by Psychic Aurora

Date 10/19/2022
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Remember - in a healthy relationship, we are loved, accepted, and valued.

Remember - in a healthy relationship, we are loved, accepted, and valued.

At the root of limiting beliefs are lies that we have agreed with in order to survive emotional pain. Our basic human needs are intended to be fulfilled, experienced, and demonstrated through love.

We may not understand the depth of the drive inside of us, however our subconscious recognizes that we have basic human needs and that the fulfillment of these needs is what we experience as "being loved well". We were created to have hope for a future where we can experience what being loved well has to offer.

We all are worthy of being loved well by experiencing love though being welcomed, accepted, valued, protected, and empowered. We need to have purpose. We need to experience affectionate touch and be comforted. We also need to be known, to be heard, and to be understood. All of this contributes to our...

Wellness of Being

We need to experience that we matter to others and to know that they desire to contribute in a healthy way to our wellness of being. However, we do not always get to be loved well. When we experience the emotional pain from not being loved well, we may experience the toxic energy that flows from it. One may find themselves feeling angry, hurt, confused, frustrated, sad, isolated, and even depressed. One may find themselves feeling that they have done all that they can in their power to get their needs met, and yet nothing is changing.

Perhaps this may be one of the reasons why we slip into survival mode through self-protection. It is here when we build heart walls, disassociate and create limiting beliefs. These protection mechanisms may keep us safe from the toxic energy of the emotional pain that we are tired of feeling; but they also disconnect your mind from your body. When we do this in order to not feel, it may bring disease into your being. It may rob you of the very things that you desire such as peace, joy, and love. With that being said, it takes strength to self-protect. Self-protection can be a good thing; until it is no longer serving you but has become a hindrance to you moving forward in life.

Ways to Gain Wisdom

As you know love is complex and requires courage to be vulnerable. Vulnerability leads to a deeper intimacy where one can use their voice to let their needs be known. To “love one another” is the hardest thing to do when you are loving someone well. It takes courage to admit that we don’t know how to love each other well. We make mistakes as we figure out what love is and is not. Making mistakes is one way we gain wisdom.

Another way to gain wisdom may be from the observance of others' mistakes. Wisdom has the potential to provide the boundaries we need to stay safe and empowered. However, if we have not been taught how to use wisdom through boundaries, we may find ourselves slipping into the survival mode of self-protection. Self-protection offers us heart walls, disassociation, and limiting beliefs to help protect us from the pain of the toxic energy of not having our basic human needs met.

There are times when it is necessary to apply the wisdom of disconnecting from the toxic people in your life and their energy in order to keep yourself safe and or emotionally healthy. However, it is not healthy to store the pain of the toxic people and the energy of the situation(s) in your being and to disconnect your mind to body connection in order to not feel.

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that we embrace to keep us safe. In other words, they are lies we come into agreement with to protect our self and or our heart in order to survive the issues of life. They help us to justify the “why” behind what we do or do not choose to do or feel.

How Limiting Beliefs Become a Part of Our Reality?

It starts with unmet expectations and understanding the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship of any kind.

In a healthy relationship, we feel loved by being valued, comforted, protected, and held affectionately and often. We gain a deep sense of well-being and trust is established. When we are known, heard, and understood we feel accepted, and are empowered for life. Divine Love is in place, the principle to “Love one another” is encompassed with gratitude and a higher vibrational frequency manifests in the form of an abundance. This is experienced as the richness of joy in our lives and that is the fruit of a relationship where one experiences being loved well.

In a healthy relationship, we feel and understand that we are loved, accepted, and valued. We don’t feel the need to perform or to do things that would be a bargaining tool in order to help gain the sense of our basic human needs being met.

What is an Unmet Expectation?

It is thinking and expecting that things will be a certain way in which you think they should be or want them to be.

We naturally think, trust, or expect that others will love us well. However, when in an unhealthy relationship we may discover that the circumstances of it don’t measure up. We do not feel the security of having our basic human needs met. We may conclude that we are not worthy of having our needs met or that perhaps we do not deserve whatever it is that we may want or that we are not enough. So, we may try to make sense of it through self-protection by perhaps believing a lie that justifies why we can’t have what we desire.

This lie may become the limiting belief that keeps us safe for now, but perhaps hinders us from moving towards our destiny in the future. We may choose to come into an agreement with the lie of a limiting belief that says for example, we are not enough, that we do not have value, or any other statement that limits our ability to receive the very things we need: love, acceptance, and value.

When we continue to think that someone else has the power to make us feel like we are enough, we give them the power to determine our value and our worth. We may find ourselves thinking that perhaps we have the ability to make someone else give to us what we need, but in essence we are trying to take and force them into meeting any one of our basic needs that we may feel depleted in.

When we act upon that, we are giving our personal power away through a limiting belief of a lie that we embraced in order to justify why we can't have it and or to keep ourselves protected. Regardless of what anyone may say or do, you are the only one that determines your value. Your value lies within you!

How to Escape Limiting Beliefs and Take Your Personal Power Back

If it is time to break an agreement and you desire to take your personal power back by choosing to come out of agreement with the lie(s) of the limiting belief(s) then follow these steps:

  1. Thank yourself for keeping yourself safe and how you self-protected in order to survive.
  2. Give yourself permission to break free from agreements and limiting beliefs.
  3. Ask "Divine Love" to cancel this lie(s) and all negative assignments that were attached to this lie that have affected you and your life. State: "Set me free from all that toxic energy associated with <the lie(s) of the limiting belief(s)> and in its place give me life and life abundantly through "Divine Love".
  4. Give yourself permission to forgive yourself for limiting yourself.
  5. Forgive yourself for what you had to do in order to survive. Speak this out loud or journal it; address yourself by your name. Be grateful that you are no longer needing that survival skill, because you are in a new place and you recognize that it no longer serves
  6. State that you are ready to move forward into life and vitality.
  7. Seal this energy work with a blessing or prayer over your life.
  8. Choose to move forward in your life.
  9. Speak your truth in “love to one another”.
  10. Be mindful and aware of your thought life so that you do not enter back into agreement with the lie of a limiting belief again. The best way to do this is to be present and honest with yourself every minute of every day.

It is my hope that this information will help to those in need.

Blessings of Love & Light,

Aurora (x3651)

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Aurora has been in tune with the metaphysical realm since she was a child. She has been using her skills to provide psychic and energy readings since 2005. She is certified as a Holistic Emotional Healthcare Practitioner and a Medical Intuitive specializing in helping people heal toxic energy and transform their lives from the inside out. Traveling globally as a conference speaker, teacher, and trainer Aurora has equipped others in understanding with their own psychic abilities, dream interpretation, intuition, as well as reading and healing toxic energy.



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