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Chakra Meditation: The Way to Find Expanded Awareness Podcast by Psychic Anthony

Date 11/23/2022
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Take a meditative journey with Psychic Anthony as he guides you through the power and potential energy found in your chakras.

Chakras are the seven energy centers along the spine that channel the chi energy that animates your body and creates the interface between the eternal cosmic vibration of your eternal and immortal spirit and the ego consciousness and bodily awareness of your human consciousness. These energy centers start at the base of the spine and end at the very top of the head. They can appear as a spinning energy vortex or geometric pattern like a lotus or sunflower.

Kundalini Yoga is a method to energize the higher spiritual vibrations that can dissolve blockages in your energy and lead you to energizing the higher vibrations of the spiritual chakras. Its great goal is to raise the energy from the bottom, through the seven energy centers to the top of the crown chakra, the oneness with the Cosmic Mind of the You-niverse. The Yogis use the vision of a snake rising up from the bottom of the spine and ascending through the seven gates to the top of the head.

As spiritual people we tend to want to “get to the top” but this is not the best way to open up our energy flow so that all the energy centers can operate fully. None of these centers is bad and each serves its function to complete a totality within us that connects us, step by step, and leads to a return, eventually, to oneness with the You-niverse. It takes a lot of energy to do this and that can be achieved only through a deep state of total relaxation and the ability to detach our attention from the ego’s monologue inside our heads.


“The superior one climbs to heaven on the back of seven dragons.” I-Ching

The Seven Chakras

  • First Chakra - Root: The root Chakra is at the very bottom of the spine. It appears as a red dot. As the root of your human consciousness. It is your unique self, and means you and all you are, good and bad.
  • Second Chakra -  Sacral: The second one is a larger orange circle and is our sexual energy that attracts you to others in the desire for sensual pleasure and intimate merging of body and soul with another.
  • Third Chakra -  Solar Plexus: The third is the power center, and glows with a bright yellow light. It is your desire to serve others and to develop the talent and ability to take action and produce and create goodness in your life and in others.
  • Fourth Chakra -  Heart: The chest center is the heart and compassion. It is a green glowing star that represents your care and support and compassion for others. 
  • Fifth Chakra - Throat: The throat chakra glows with a blue light (and sometimes a rosy light) that is your heart’s expression in words or song. It is art, writing, mysticism, and music. 
  • Sixth Chakra - Third Eye: The bright blue and purple star of your astral third eye at the middle of your forehead is your psychic imagination or inner sight. It is the seat of spiritual perception and enlightenment, insight and intuition.
  • Seventh Chakra -  Crown: At the top of your head, in the very center, is the seventh and last chakra, the Crown. It is the pure white light of oneness with the Cosmic Mind.

See your energy in deep meditation as a serpent climbing up the spine through each of these rainbow-colored centers and contemplate their energy until you arrive at the top. Then go out into the world renewed and energized to face your challenges with faith and courage, and shine that smile of divine love on everyone you meet.

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Anthony is a 64-year-old artist, writer, teacher, and mystic. He has a BS degree in Art Education. He developed his skills as a mystic empath from birth.

Anthony has worked in food service, factories, and public and private schools. He has taught classes in Tarot and created his own Tarot deck and book. He has read for over forty years professionally on-line, at Psychic Fairs and private readings.  

Anthony is a painter and an author of many books, and a folk singer of many songs. He has studied psychology and world religion, and has had many mystical experiences as a Psychic Medium.  


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