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Featured Review KeepitBree 5/21/2021 stars Chat Reading

I came to read with Yana after a few high recommendations came from a spiritual group meeting that I attend weekly. I will say this to anyone who comes to read with her . You will not be told what you want to hear as opposed to what you really should hear. I had some really tough choices to make in my life and I had alot riding on those decisions too. I admit I did not like what she had to say to me. I mean she is nice yes but her delivery can seem anything but that when she begins to talk about your life and your future. Sometimes it actually scares me to read with her because of how accurate she has been. So many things have happened that she said would. To be honest her timing is better then any other reader I have spoken to. I dont usually review psychics at all but Yana and a few others here really inpire you to say something about their talents. I know several people who come to her and they all just love her and they swear by her ability and advice for making things come to you. Amazing really. I dont come all the time like some others but when I do I will come to this special lady.

VirginGirl41 11/28/2021 stars Chat Reading

Had a nice long reading with Yana. We covered several life topics. I feel confident in knowing that she has provided me with accurate information and predictions as she sees them. Thanks again, Yana

amye6172 10/17/2021 stars Chat Reading

Lovely and picked up on my situation quickly.

tdburrows7 10/11/2021 stars Phone Reading

I appreciate Yana, as her reading was able to offer me a sense of peace and direction in my relationship with my partner. She has a sweet and kind manner about her, yet she is honest and straightforward. Thank you very much for your help!

anonymous12345 10/10/2021 stars Chat Reading


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Ranka1 10/8/2021 stars Chat Reading

She was really detailed and was able to describe poi. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear but she gave her honest truth. Thank you

user4325 10/6/2021 stars Chat Reading

Yana is really good! Back again to clarify some issues, but in my previous session she accurately predicted an outcome for me when I asked if poi reply to my text and she saw that we will have more f2f conversation that day and she was right!! She doesn't sugar coat things at all and I appreciate the honesty. Thank you Yana, i wish you nothing but the best and stay safe! God bless~

Yana replied...

God Bless you sweet soul! You are such a kind , thoughtful , and cheery person! I told you I admire that bravery ! I am happy we connect so well, and it does my heart good to know that we are starting to see some of the impressions from our reading! You take care! Big hugs! Yana

Nellie 10/6/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thank you

Yana replied...

Thank you dear heart! You take care and I am wishing you the best! I appreciate you coming and sharing your time. I am honored. Blessings! Yana

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jinny411 10/6/2021 stars Chat Reading

Almost two years ago you told me I would divorce my husband of 17 years. I didn't want to believe it and I didn't want to believe that I would be moving either. Everyone said that my marriage would last, and that my husband loved me enough to work it out . Thank God the other psychics were wrong! We did divorce, and as things were finalizing I had to sell the house that I argued with you over... go figure! My dogs are with me BTW LOL! As for the man you saw coming in my future, well it all fell in line and I had to tell you . Fast I know ...... but that's love ! The pups love him lol! I feel that you will be right on what you told me tonight too. I will be contacting you soon thank you for sharing your gifts........

Yana replied...

I appreciate you coming back to read with me ! It thrills me to know that we were able to connect so well :) and I truly enjoyed our exchanges! Especially about those precious pups! Congratulations on all of your successes and I cant wait to hear the next update!?? Be blessed my friend, Yana xoxo

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La2019 10/4/2021 stars Chat Reading

Wow, Yana! Yana is like an X ray when it comes to telling you the situation at question and the person you are asking about. Her level of accuracy is just insane. She is really so very gifted and keeps amaze me every time. She is a must!! Yana, I love you. I’m still at awe with you. Xoxo

Yana replied...

I am humbled and truly appreciate being able to connect with you in such a profound way. I enjoyed every second of our session and I know that your strong spirit will help you to navigate this situation triumphantly! We have seen so many exciting things coming , considered the possibilities , relished the positives, and addressed the things that can sometimes cause barriers, all along answering the tough questions . Your openness and focused perception is steering you exactly where you need to be and you will be blessed! I am praying for you ! Thank you for this lovely feedback ! Love and hugs , Yana xoxo