Psychic Yana x9104

Psychic Yana x9104

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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Energy Healing
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools, Tarot
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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  • Career & Finances - 156
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 171
  • Loss & Grieving - 25
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 374

More About Yana

Years of Experience: 22

If you need to know the emotional core of a situation then Yana is the right person to assist you. Yana is a down to earth intuitive/emotional empath who has enjoyed being a spiritual counselor and emotional healer for 15 years. Her readings are honest, unique, informative, and sure to resonate with the emotional heart of any situation you are experiencing. Her goal is to empower her clients with information that will allow them to make the right decisions and choices for a fruitful life. Yana states that "honesty is the best policy" and she only conveys what she sees whether the finality is good or bad. No matter what the outcome, Yana delivers the message with sincerity and compassion.

Words of Wisdom

"If you lose who you are, then what do you have?" Brian Warner

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4½ stars

635 reviews since Dec 2014

Featured Review KeepitBree 5/21/2021 stars Chat Reading

I came to read with Yana after a few high recommendations came from a spiritual group meeting that I attend weekly. I will say this to anyone who comes to read with her . You will not be told what you want to hear as opposed to what you really should hear. I had some really tough choices to make in my life and I had alot riding on those decisions too. I admit I did not like what she had to say to me. I mean she is nice yes but her delivery can seem anything but that when she begins to talk about your life and your future. Sometimes it actually scares me to read with her because of how accurate she has been. So many things have happened that she said would. To be honest her timing is better then any other reader I have spoken to. I dont usually review psychics at all but Yana and a few others here really inpire you to say something about their talents. I know several people who come to her and they all just love her and they swear by her ability and advice for making things come to you. Amazing really. I dont come all the time like some others but when I do I will come to this special lady.

La2019 8/24/2021 stars Chat Reading

Very accurate with the situation and POI. Very insightful and comforting. Thank you, Yana!, I can’t wait to talk to you again!

Skresch813 8/11/2021 stars Chat Reading

Good reading

Emerald-Goddess 8/10/2021 stars Chat Reading

Amazing, you see I came unable to breath. I came seeking for help. Yana, was honest and straightforward. I know sometimes we get hard truths but it’s okay. No everything I wanted to hear wasn’t heard but in the end I had gotten some good news. I enjoyed how she knew somethings that no one couldn’t have known. She gave me great advice and gave me encouraging words. I’m excited and will be patient. Her predictions are down the line which is fine. However, I am transitioning into a new phase. I appreciate you. I’ll come see you later about the outcome of today. :)

Sagittarius13 8/3/2021 stars Chat Reading


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