Psychic Willow x8048

Psychic Willow x8048

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Featured Review AE2902 7/23/2021 stars Phone Reading

Willow was wonderful! What I liked the best is that she was able to narrow down dates around when things might happen and this is gave me a feeling of hopefulness!

Pisces217 9/7/2021 stars Phone Reading

No connection. I had to provide background information and continue to feed information. Not the advisor for me. Did not connect with me or my POI.

Ajennerx3 9/7/2021 stars Phone Reading

My 3rd time talking to Willow. She is great! Very good with connecting to my grandfather who passed away & I called again for a love connection which I’m waiting to see if it happens. But she connects very well.

Santito 9/4/2021 stars Phone Reading

First time caller and I was impressed. Looking forward to the prediction. Thanks

CheeseQueen 8/19/2021 stars Phone Reading

Love Willow's up front and to the point discussion. I found Willow to be very easy to talk with and will be contacting her again.

7576633698 8/18/2021 stars Phone Reading

I love Willow. Willow is very honest & real. Her gift is unmatched & is very appreciated. I call Willow at least once a month for conformation on pretty much anything that comes to mind. She has become my go to person for directions with life situations. Willow is my spirit friend.

Arayka 6/11/2021 stars Phone Reading

Awesome. Everything in my mind was told by her. My dream picture of myself and future partner was described so accurately. Thanks .

Empath123 5/22/2021 stars Phone Reading

Phenomenal. Hits the nail on the head! Thank you so much Willow. I will keep working on my self esteem

KimMarie27 5/14/2021 stars Phone Reading

No connection, she told me what I thought I wanted to hear.

Emerald-Goddess 5/6/2021 stars Phone Reading

We didn’t connect at all