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Psychic Sonata x7581

Psychic Sonata x7581

Compassionate & Honest


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643 reviews since Sep 2013

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Featured Review BellaG1868 9/3/2021 stars Chat Reading

She blew my mind. So quick and easy to connect on chat which I find sometimes more difficult than a live phone connection. Not with her. She was answering some of my questions before I even asked them! Such a beautiful and sparkling soul; thank you!

pcates 2/24/2024 stars Chat Reading

Wow! very quick and clear about what she sees. You were right Sonata, my ex was a drag! Did not even mention him, so that was unexpected. Sonata sees sooo much, I loved the reading and will certainly read with her again. Recommend highly!!!!

Marika99 2/24/2024 stars Chat Reading

The chat was cut off…but great as usual. Really wanting this to come to fruition. Thank you so much

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Behonestplease 2/4/2024 stars Chat Reading

Sonata does it again she predicted contact within 3 and I received it. She tells it like it is and doesn’t add all the extra bs to the reading. I’ve had readers on here to tell me things I didn’t ask about. She sticks with your questions and doesn’t go off on a tangent.

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Ra8811 2/3/2024 stars Chat Reading


LEENHAFEZ 1/6/2024 stars Chat Reading

sonata was very clear about things unfolding about me and my POI . I appreciated her honesty and her delivery of the message was clear and detailed

Lala911 12/23/2023 stars Chat Reading

She is great. Thank you

sojourn 12/23/2023 stars Chat Reading

I'll echo other reviewers -- Sonata knew why I was calling before I said/asked anything. Incredible reading. Gave me a much better understanding of what's going on with my POI...what is driving his actions/reactions...and where things are going. I was also seeking specific advice on managing my emotional pain...wonderful guidance. Thank you !!!

Behonestplease 12/3/2023 stars Chat Reading

She picked up really well the only thing I questioned is the engagement statement. She’s definitely good.

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Marika99 12/3/2023 stars Chat Reading

I am so excited about what Sonata saw for me. Most of her previous predictions has been unfolding exactly like she saw - over years. I appreciate and enjoy the connection with her so much. She is very unique and the real deal. Sonata nails what is going on. My current situation, she saw extremely accurately some months ago. I then hoped and prayed. It then happened! She is very straight forward. I am amazed with her ability to read both in the presence and sometimes far ahead. Sonata has seen me, and been very comforting, uplifting and inspiring despite a sometimes rocky journey. When she sees something good ahead it gives me tremendous hope and new strenght , bc so many times she was right. She deserves so many thanks for all the support and invaluable insights, that actually helps. Today I am so happy to connect w. her, and very hopeful and glad. Big thanks, Sonata