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Featured Review BellaG1868 9/3/2021 stars Chat Reading

She blew my mind. So quick and easy to connect on chat which I find sometimes more difficult than a live phone connection. Not with her. She was answering some of my questions before I even asked them! Such a beautiful and sparkling soul; thank you!

Lala911 5/28/2023 stars Chat Reading

She is by far the best I’ve read with … hands down. Will be back for sure. Real deal. Thank you ??

Quietstorm 5/21/2023 stars Chat Reading


Quietstorm 5/21/2023 stars Chat Reading

Wow! She’s amazing and knows her S! No information was given only his zodiac sign and she was off with what’s going on.

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Lala911 5/21/2023 stars Chat Reading

Now she is the real deal. No one has come close to giving accurate details like she does! I will be back for sure. Thank you.

DaisyRose 5/20/2023 stars Phone Reading

Sonata, thank you for a very nice reading. Always a pleasure speaking with you.

lll2021 5/6/2023 stars Chat Reading

sonata...this was one of the best reading ive ever had...its like you decribed everything he already said to me...i really dream the timeline this time will come true and he ll actually return for good????

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Marika99 4/22/2023 stars Chat Reading

I absolutely love to hear Sonata’s insight. She has over years been extremely accurate, she can often see what has not yet happened. Also she is funny and honest. Thanks for the good news. It gives me hope and helps me endure, and get back better than before.

Ra8811 4/8/2023 stars Chat Reading

My dear Sonata, I can't describe how grateful I am for our conversation just now. Eventhough I'm on the edge of breaking my account bank but I needed the answers, as all this have been bothering me so much that I have been unable to live peacefully. As usual, you connected wonderfully with me and my person, answered all my questions clearly and straightforwardly. All of them. No sugar coating. It was WORTH EVERY PENNY. I have been waiting to speak with you long ago but didn't see you online and your schedule was not set up then. I'm happy that you're back and you truly gave me the clearest picture, more than anyone else. I trust you so much with my life because in the previous readings, you were totally accurate with the predictions. It happened exactly as you said it would. Correct on the timing, the people and everything else. I know I can count on you and that's why I would choose you over anyone else when it comes to long term, future predictions. Thanks a million Sonata. You have truly helped clearing my confusion. Thanks for the advice, guidance, information and your honesty. I wish you lots of lights and good energy for all your truthfulness and kindness. I will definitely come back for more. Much love, R

starlady 3/4/2023 stars Chat Reading

I’m grateful for the helpful insight Sonata shared with me. I think there was some issue with our connection and communication, possibly internet-related.