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Psychic Simone x4951

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Psychic Simone Ratings & Reviews

99 reviews since Feb 2023

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Featured Review Jahoozafat 9/11/2023 stars Phone Reading

Simone, Thank you for your gift to be able to read my situation so quickly and sum up a resolution so fast. You are an astonishingly good read, so very accurate. Thank you so much for your time in this career matter. I will reach out to you again. Love & Light

Anjelisa 4/13/2024 stars Phone Reading

All I can say is this has been a very different experience than what I am used to when speaking to psychics/advisors. Simone was so accurate about my POI and so detailed about a future event that I wasn’t even sure how to process it all. It’s one of those surreal moments/feelings. She is definitely someone to go to and she speaks with such clarity as well. Contact her, you will not be disappointed!

youniverse 3/27/2024 stars Phone Reading

She's a great reader and extremely helpful, would definitely recommend !

whereis510 3/26/2024 stars Phone Reading

Wow!!! First time reading with Simone and she was so good!!!

Realdeal81 3/24/2024 stars Phone Reading

She was right about things I didn't think she was right about at the time. I think I deeply underestimated her gift and her accuracy. Simone has been patient with me and honest. She will tell you things you don't want to hear while being gracious about it. I will certainly call her in the future.

Jenniejones 3/19/2024 stars Phone Reading

I came across Simone on a promo for a free reading and she extended a free reading for me tonight. Her abilities to tap in are quick. She's gets to the point and her wording is very respectful. If there is something she is overwhelmingly uncomfortable with and she cannot give you an accurate reading the first time she will find a way to make it up!, I strongly recommend her for her professionalism, her capacity to connect quickly and not waste your time! you will receive a lot of information, my advice is have a pen and paper to take notes!!! Book a reading with her you will not be disappointed. Thank you, Simone, you gave me what I needed!

Littlechz84 3/12/2024 stars Phone Reading

It felt like talking to a family member who loved me dearly. Although we call for advice and/or predictions, I love that she asked to speak freely on some topics and I just let her go! She gave me such amazing and peaceful advice. I have a 10 day window for communication to occur and she even already advised me what to do if it goes past the 10 days (because of course people have free will and can change timelines) Thanks so much Simoné, I will be calling back!

Behonestplease 3/8/2024 stars Phone Reading

She’s good and want say just any and everything. And doesn’t mind telling you the truth rather it be good or bad. There are a lot of advisors that stray away from telling you what the real deal is in this site….not Simone.

Libra23 3/6/2024 stars Phone Reading

Simone is fantastic and gets better the longer and more you speak with her. When she gets into her groove and tunes into a situation, she is top notch! Definitely give her a try!

Behonestplease 2/29/2024 stars Phone Reading

She’s definitely good!