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Featured Review Jahoozafat 9/11/2023 stars Phone Reading

Simone, Thank you for your gift to be able to read my situation so quickly and sum up a resolution so fast. You are an astonishingly good read, so very accurate. Thank you so much for your time in this career matter. I will reach out to you again. Love & Light

Lune45 11/22/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for the most powerful reading ever. I appreciate Simone. She’s like an aunty, mother, grandmother. So wise. So loving. So gifted and so honest. Thank you for the firm advice, the powerful prayer, and the messages from God and my ancestors. You are truly a special person.

PurpleHearts420 11/20/2023 stars Phone Reading

Best reader on here to me. Phenomenal!!!

Consnce 11/19/2023 stars Chat Reading

??, not only was the connection strong. But her predictions and timeline were spot on. The way she broke down my POI’s feelings were indeed on target. She told me my POI would say no to something, then turn around and say yes later. It wasn’t even 24hrs before the situation unfolded just as she explained. Definitely, enjoy her direct approach and highly recommend ????

Grateful78 11/17/2023 stars Phone Reading

Oh, what a treat it was speaking to Simone. Called her for the first and second time today, and she is truly a gem. Yes, I called her twice. I need to stop playing around now. There comes a point in time with a matter when you have to believe what you know and what you are predicted and let it go to happen. I feel I am there. I am ready to let time play out as you predicted something to happen around February. Simone picked up on the neighborhood poi hangs out and everything. I don't think she lives in my city either. Um, how did she even know what city I live in, lol. Yeah, Simone is a real one on here. Wow. This was a treat. She is a very serious woman and I needed this finally. Reading with Simone made me feel like she cares tremendously about her work. This was my first time letting myself be read without tools and I didn't hang up. I let the call go all the way it could. She was fantastic. I pray to God all will be fine as she stated. I pray to God that your last words to me on my second call to you is as you say. "He will open his heart. And, you will be fine." More importantly, I believe I can take a break from all this worry and put more focus on myself. The time it is taking my poi to communicate with me and get things going is an important piece of time that I need to use on me, for me. I need to be present with me. Thank you for helping me. Tonight I believe I know the truth and when I am doubting it's because of my own lack of character and that means to care is to say, "no, I know this is going to fall into place." God bless you, Simone, and thank you.

Peaches730 11/12/2023 stars Chat Reading

Readings with Simone (4) have been outstanding. Info given me for projected events has proved helpful and truthful. I sincerely appreciate her kindness and highly recommend her to others.

VirginiaDiana 11/6/2023 stars Video Reading

As always, She never fails. If you want honesty and clarity, you must book.

Lune45 11/4/2023 stars Phone Reading

Simone is accurate, honest, steady and wise. I have had yet to meet a psychic that could help me tap into my roots and transform my life with the help of my ancestors in the way Simone has done so. Thank you. I am deeply grateful and I highly recommend a reading with her.

Kaedemlr 10/31/2023 stars Chat Reading

Simone was amazing! I didn't even have to tell her much about the person I came to her for and she knew everything that was on my mind. Complete accuracy with included hilarious blunt truths about them. 10/10 absolutely would come to her again

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Carolsdtr 10/27/2023 stars Chat Reading

I have NEVER had such a detailed reading in my life. Simone, Bless You! Thank you so much for using your gift to bring comfort, awareness, and reassurance.