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Psychic Silver x3621

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Featured Review luvleo06 7/23/2021 stars Chat Reading

Silver deserves more than 5 stars.She picks up on what's going on without any information like she just knows what's happening and what's to come. I have read with her before off and on for the past year and I am never disappointed with my reading. Thank you Silver, will stay in touch.

hopeful6677 9/16/2022 stars Chat Reading

Silver was very quick to tune in and picked up amazing information about my situation. She was very accurate in describing what is happening and the people surrounding me and my POI, as well as my business situation. The reading was very detailed and full off information, as well as predictions. She's been very accurate in the past and I have her as a favorite advisor. Silver is also extremely nice and caring. Highly recommend.

Silver replied...

Thanks so much for the detailed review, always appreciated. I feel blessed to be able to tune in with your energy and provide you with valuable messages from your Spirit Guides. Sending you Love & Light!

Flygirl 9/14/2022 stars Chat Reading

5 stars is never enough for this beautiful soul. Silver, thank you for helping me get out of my own way, and understanding the path ahead of me, as well as the potential outcomes based on free-will. You consistently read my energy and know what I'm about to ask, well before I ask it. I am forever in awe of your gift, and ability to deliver to me answers that hit me at a soul level as right, and true. Thank you so much!!!

Silver replied...

Thanks so much for the reviews. I am very happy and feel blessed to be able to channel valuable messages for you. Sending you many blessings, love and light!

Dinkydo94 8/9/2022 stars Chat Reading

A great reading!

Jillzhangem 6/29/2022 stars Chat Reading

Silver was so correct about my POI!! It really became true! she is definitely my go-to choice!!!

Itsnora08 5/16/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thanks for your reading it really gave me clarity. Seriously, thanks. Lots of blessings.

Ronnie59 5/6/2022 stars Chat Reading

I felt like God wanted me 2 connect with her. Very kind very polite. Not saying she wasn't dead on but it was like when Saint Micheal had me a message saw him walking through the clouds @ me freeked out jumped up ran, never got the message and he never came back 25 years ago. I wasnt ready for my reading Hopefull someone will c my highs and lows then they will understand and get back. Please be caught up before u get back with me dont need questions just answers if God hasnt communicated with u guys by now I must have made a mistake. Dont worry God & his Angels know where I stay, I just put them on hold needed a break! I can do this on my own just wanted some help and answers. Have a Bless Day! Earth Angel.

travel123 5/3/2022 stars Chat Reading


LunaPaco 4/25/2022 stars Chat Reading

Silver was very empathic, kind and honest. I wasn't the easiest person as I feel I was feeling fearful, tired, and a bit depressed. But I know Silver was right and will contact her again. She is genuine.

Sk0000 4/23/2022 stars Chat Reading

I was blown away by how accurately she told me some details about my poi. I was really impressed.