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Psychic River x3648 stars Chat Reading

she was pretty accurate on poi and the situation. enjoyed chatting. outcome isn't until 2022 so we'll see but thanks for tuning in well.


Psychic Raquel x9488 stars Phone Reading

Phenomenal. Reading was efficient and she picked up immediately on my entire situation. Predictions are super far out so can’t speak on that but in 1-2 years when that happens I’ll be sure to come here and thank her. She’s great. Thx Raquel


Psychic Fern x4669 stars Chat Reading

Fern was kind and 100% spot on. She picked up on MY insecurities which is affecting how I see my relationship. It’s me not him and his plan still stands. She picked up on everything so well. I have work to do and happy to keep working on my issues so I don’t affect the relationship. Thx Fern


Psychic Nina x3558 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for a wonderful fast reading and for the great timelines. So appreciate you


Psychic Gaia x3559 stars Chat Reading

Thanks for the amazing reading and all the resources. You're amazing and so so thankful for you


Psychic Arthur x8237 stars Chat Reading

Read with him a few weeks ago and his prediction around POI contact was spot on. Accurate day! Over told me weeks. Days. He literally said the day and yup. Happened. Thanks Arthur. Always leaves me laughing too. Bonus


Psychic Sonata x7581 stars Chat Reading

pretty incredible. reads your energy and situation even before you say anything and is spot on


Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Chat Reading

Before asking anything, Chris tuned right into my situation. Laid out how my POI acts etc and that’s the first time anyone has read for me without knowing my question. So gifted. Tuned in very well through the entire reading. Thx chris


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Psychic Roxanne x3051 stars Chat Reading

Tuned in accurately it was uncanny. You’re amazing. Thx


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Psychic Arthur x8237 stars Chat Reading

He tuned in well, was direct, funny as heck and basically told me everything my gut has been telling me but my crazy head refused to believe. Had an absolute great time chatting with him, got some resources out of the deal and a few reminders of childhood book favorites. I so appreciate someone who can tell it like it is, because I sure needed that "wake up" reminder. Self love is always key and should be first no matter what. All else essentially falls in place as and how it needs to. Thanks Arthur. I'll be back more often than you'd like LOL