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Psychic Sadia x8659

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Featured Review QueenShopper 4/17/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sadia is so genuine and will give you honest answers for your particular situation. She is the real deal and is very accurate. Sadia has a heart of gold and is truly blessed to help you get through hurdles in such a calming way. You will be a million percent satisfied with a reading from Sadia. I totally trust what she tells me. Thank you so much Sadia; I am so happy we connected and your skills are second to none. We'll talk soon. LUV U SO VERY MUCH XOXOXO

Mary95 9/3/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so so much my lovely Sadia , it made me feel very peaceful talking to you as always, you gave me clarity and made me feel better

Misty158 8/18/2021 stars Phone Reading

50 stars plus and more for this advisor. You are the bomb...You tell me exactly what is going on and I truly believe you. You never leave me guessing. I am so looking forward to the future. I know this will happen. Keep up the good work...Talk in a few months. Love and Light Always....XOXOXO

Justbhonest 8/18/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sadia, correct as usual, unfortunately :( To other PS customers, If you really need to stay in the reality of your situation, not false hope, call Sadia

mayagoro 8/17/2021 stars Phone Reading

I feel the connection.

Justbhonest 7/31/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sadia, thank you as always. Don’t know how I would understand him without you. If it wasn’t for you, I would never know the truth and see through his lies. You are so special.

hvj901806 7/30/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sadia is absolutely AMAZING!!! 100 stars!! Her readings are always completely honest & accurate. Sometimes her predictions take some time to materialize...but whenever Sadia says something is coming, it always happens!

stphill 7/30/2021 stars Phone Reading

I can’t explain it- but she is the real deal. Tonight I asked her about something from a few years back and again- spot on. I am always grateful for her consistency and honesty.

Iggy123 7/24/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for listening to me Sadia. You are awesome and always understand my situation.

arnaki1 7/22/2021 stars Phone Reading

I have been reading with Sadia for years and she has been spot on with all of her information! She does not feed you a fairytale, will give you the good and the bad but always does it with kindness! She is a true gift to us all! Love you loads Sadia!