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Psychic Sadia x8659

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Featured Review QueenShopper 4/3/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sadia is amazing! She is so honest and blessed with the ability to give the most accurate readings. She explains everything precisely when inquiring about other people's feelings about you. Sadia helps you understand situations so that you can make the best decisions go forward. Luv you so much Sadia!

Justbhonest 4/17/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sadia, as always thank you!! You are my “HARDEST PILL TO SWALLOW “ advisor, but; I know your readings are what is really going on with my POI. This is why I can only write reviews for you on here. Thank you again. Xoxo

stphill 4/14/2021 stars Phone Reading

She’s always amazing. It’s crazy to me that she can know so much with literally no info but a name and date. And she always knows who I am the minute I call no matter how much time has passed. She’s by far the best in here

Justbhonest 3/30/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sadia, Thank you as always. Sorry it cut off and I didn’t say goodbye and love you, I. But you know I do and trust you 1000 %. You have never been wrong

KittyCat123 3/27/2021 stars Phone Reading

I always go to Sadia whenever I encounter things that I’m having trouble making a decision. Sadia is a gentle soul, very sweet and compassionate and non-judgmental. She always holds space for me and makes me feel seen and heard. Thank you Sadia for the guidance and clarity that you always give me.

stphill 3/15/2021 stars Phone Reading

Always amazing. This time I asked about an interview I had. I literally gave her 5 names that were on my panel. And I did not tell her anything else but there was one person out of those five that I knew didn’t love me as much as the others- and I was absolutely floored since most of my questions are about my love life that when she read about my interview she completely picked out the person that I knew had issues and said what did you think of her- she described it to a T and nailed it again. Thank you Sadia!! You are amazing.

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Justbhonest 3/10/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Sadia for always telling me like it is. Talk soon xoxo

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Soulmatejourney 3/2/2021 stars Phone Reading

I am grateful for you Sadia, for your honesty compassion and the guidance you give me, I still can’t believe where I am today thanks to all your help! I could only imagine how wonderful it will be when he’s finally in this life with me, it’s soon I know and we can both finally exhale. I love you so much my soul sister xoxo

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Justbhonest 1/29/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thanks my friend. Nothing that I didn’t expect. But of course I never need to tell you. You see / feel it all. Luv you tons too Sadia

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Palmbchgirl 1/23/2021 stars Phone Reading

It’s been too long since we last spoke! People call this lovely lady, she will not tell u what u want to hear, rather straight up what she sees and what u need to hear! Love, Love, Love Sadia she is the BEST