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Psychic Susannah x8228

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Featured Review Joceboweringg 11/5/2019 stars Chat Reading

I was at a lost with some things in my life, and when I was searching for someone to help me, I kept coming back to Susannahs profile, and I don’t regret it one bit. Everything she said has helped me ease my mind, and also shared a little bit of happiness that I really needed. You have an amazing gift, and I would recommend her 10000% over. Thank you so much Susannah

Freddy 11/7/2019 stars Chat Reading

Susannah is like a life path coach. God bless this angel!

MDlove 11/6/2019 stars Chat Reading

Always focused, caring, and accurate!

jedfa06 11/6/2019 stars Chat Reading

Thank you so much Susannah! I truly appreciate. You are excellent.

heaven08 11/3/2019 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Susannah!

pilpay789 11/1/2019 stars Chat Reading

Very informative!

heaven08 10/30/2019 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Susannah.. Sorry I did not get a chance to thank you.. I ran out of funds. :)

Max1133 10/29/2019 stars Chat Reading

She's great! Doesn't waiver and taps in very quickly. Thank You Always!!

Oldsoul 10/24/2019 stars Chat Reading

Best of best!!! I feel sooo happy talking to her.

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MDlove 10/17/2019 stars Chat Reading

Susannah is amazing. Not only accuracy (her prediction came true before) but also she knows what to advise for the difficult situation.