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Featured Review Xa17vier 5/3/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thank you I ran out of time but ur help is always appreciated and u help me so much that I recommend u to everyone

Mary95 5/22/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Susannah, sorry we got cut off , I really appreciate all the information you gave me, Very accurate,let see what's coming ,I will keep you posted.

Mint3465 5/2/2022 stars Chat Reading

This was the first time I had a reading with Susannah. I found her to be really quick, detailed, and accurate. She didn't paint a picture of everything being sunshine and rainbows, which I truly appreciate. She also had compassion, which I truly appreciated given my current circumstances. I look forward to reading with her again.

Arien8 4/27/2022 stars Chat Reading

She has been my rock throughout the past year. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for clear answers and guidance. Thank you for everything Susannah.

Mary95 4/24/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Susannah ,you are incredible, I just can say waoo!,amazing.

MDlove 4/20/2022 stars Chat Reading

Dear Susannah, I am SO glad that I was able to speak with you tonight. And my apologies to be cut in the middle as usual...I really wish I could speak with you more but I have to control in my situation.... Anyway, I just wanted to say, "thank you" for amazing reading and great advices again!!!

Mary95 3/28/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Susannah, let see what happens. I will come back to you with update.

Waterfall 3/27/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thank you

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Ra8811 3/23/2022 stars Chat Reading

Dear Susannah, I'm out if words. You're literally saving my life. Million thanks for being a rock and guidance during these tough times. You're absolutely not a 'therapist' that will just comfort me with words so that I can be more positive or strong, and you're not just a psychic who is able to 'read my mind or emotions' like other typical psychics. You're MORE than that. You're capable to see FUTURE, things that WILL happen. I still don't understand how you're able to do so! Anyways, all your readings have absolutely helped me tremendously. You have helped me to be ready, stronger and get myself prepared mentally and physically to what will happen. Thank you for not selling me fairytales and thank you for being so truthful. Yes, and you have been accurate in all your predictions. Everything happened exactly as you said, and that's why I keep coming back. Million thanks again Susannah. I wish I could send you some flowers.

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pk1234 3/18/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thanks a lot for always telling the things the way they are and not leading me on some fantasy land. So far what you have predicted has been 100% true including events how they unfolded. I am confident that your next read is also 100% accurate