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Exclusive Savings! New Customers - as low as $0.60/min. Redeem now.
Psychic John x8318

Psychic John x8318

Change is Inevitable


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  • Total Readings
  • 32,394 since May 2011
  • Specialties: Psychic Medium, Career Psychic, Love Psychic
  • Tools: Tarot
  • Reading Style: Thoughtful

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  • Career & Finances - 963
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 642
  • Loss & Grieving - 493
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 1654

More About John

Years of Experience: 33

Greetings, I am John, a deeply spiritual reader who has the remarkable ability to connect with your loved ones who have transitioned to the other side. My purpose is to offer guidance and support in matters concerning love, relationships, and finances.

During our readings, I dive into profound depths to unveil meaningful insights. As we engage, I'll pose insightful questions to establish a strong connection with your spiritual essence. These questions serve as a means to attune myself to your unique energy, ensuring that the guidance I provide is both accurate and meaningful.

Utilizing cards to enrich the experience, I provide perspectives on various facets of life. My approach is direct yet constructive, as I strive to offer you valuable advice that helps you find your path. Allow me to accompany you on this journey towards becoming your best self and embracing life to its fullest.

I am bilingual – hablo Español.

Words of Wisdom

"Change is Inevitable. Growth is Optional."-James C. Maxwell

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2773 reviews since May 2011

Featured Review AnaLuisa 9/5/2023 stars Phone Reading

John is an incredible gifted advisor! Started reading with him since June and everything and step has manifested in my personal life! John is not just any ordinary reader he is gifted in multi spiritual realm’s Had dead relatives pop in during a reading to let me know am not alone! Wow! My life has become indeed rich! knowing John and becoming my Spiritual Advisor! Most of All My Dear friend that guides me with his loving light! God Bless You! John!

AnaLuisa 9/27/2023 stars Phone Reading

Oh My Goodness! I did it again pressed the button by accident! Lucky John Don’t Have to hear me blabber,Blabber! my problems! I’ll talk to you soon John! John and his Guide are extremely gifted in the spiritual realm! sharp insight and total clarity in what’s going on and the out come! Thank you! John for being my spiritual advisor and brother in God! John the real deal folks! won’t be disappointed but amazed! God Blees you!

AnaLuisa 9/24/2023 stars Phone Reading

100 Stars Today! I had an indepth reading that was life changing for me! I was worried about a love one and John Left his body and spiritually to flight to go to his house.John gave me all the details i needed to know he was really there! John even got to tell me about what he ate for dinner and how many dirty dishes in the sink! It was so mind blowing to see how one man is totally gifted in every area spiritually Thank you ! for making a believer out of me!, Wow!

Nicelady 9/24/2023 stars Phone Reading


AnaLuisa 9/23/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank You Almighty God!!! For John And His Guide That Never Gear Me In The Wrong Direction! I Have Never Been Told Anything That Didn’t Happen Or What Will In The coming Months! Hope Joy Peace And The Knowledge To More Forward! Always! The Best Spiritual Advisor In All Of Lifes Challenges! Mind Blowing Readings God Bless The Works Of Your Hands!

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