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Featured Review mintchocolatechip 4/12/2021 stars Phone Reading

she’s been correct now on not one but two contact predictions and I have only been reading with her for two weeks. she was also correct on what it would be (that it would be general) so I am definitely impressed with this young woman! Sometimes I have to get her to repeat things bc she does speak fast but at the same time I LOVE how fast she is: doesn’t wanna keep you there just to run the time up so I always feel like I am in and then out with answers in a jiffy. Thank you Raquel!

Iggy123 4/16/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Raquel! You really nailed the situation. I really love her and the bond we have. I hope there is a future with us

Waterfall 4/16/2021 stars Phone Reading

Raquel is amazing. Predictions are coming up however I love the fact that she is so respectful of time and gets all the questions answered no matter how much time you have. Thank you so much I will be back

luvleo06 4/16/2021 stars Phone Reading

I've had two readings with Raquel so far any both readings have been accurate and consistent. She definitely calms my anxiety by reassuring me of the future and giving great advice on how to deal with my situation. Will definitely contact again for future readings. Thank you so much Raquel for the reading today

Tracierandle 4/15/2021 stars Phone Reading

She’s no doubt the real deal. I look for readers that are able to pick up on my thoughts without giving too much information. She’s one of them. She’s very accurate with details in my relationship that she shouldn’t know. She’s my go to

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alicat25 4/14/2021 stars Phone Reading

She has been correct on past predictions and I was really depressed about him today and she helped me see where he is right now and says he will contact me very very soon

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Marie1185 4/14/2021 stars Phone Reading

Amazing as always. To the point, but kind. She will not drag out readings with filler to extend the call, which I respect. She is 5 star and worth every dime. Thank you, my sister!

sweetipiee23 4/14/2021 stars Phone Reading

I like Raquel I sense she is honest in what she sees and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. I do believe she has psychic abilities. She says she sees him reaching out this month or on a Friday of this month so I can’t wait

AlwaysAndForever 4/13/2021 stars Phone Reading

Extremely helpful and wise. She helps my anxiety immensely.

Cnsoul 4/12/2021 stars Phone Reading

You are my true star that guides me. Thank you!