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Featured Review Freshstart2019 10/9/2019 stars Phone Reading

Super helpful, super fast and to the point!

Marybelle 10/11/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you my dear Raquel. Insightful and always uplifting

Grandma 10/11/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for an excellent and uplifting reading.

Lotus111 10/9/2019 stars Phone Reading

Perfect day to reach Raquel! Boom, feel so much better and have more clarity. Thank you again!!

Nick19 10/2/2019 stars Phone Reading

Awesome. I had few reading with Raquel.Describe my situation without to many informations.She is very fast,and “efficient”.Details and description are amazing. Will definitely call her many more times Thanks

Lotus111 9/25/2019 stars Phone Reading

Always great! She helped so much, perfect timing! I needed that behind the scenes explanation. Thank you!

janiyahmahdii 9/24/2019 stars Phone Reading

Raquel was good, my phone call was quick otherwise I would have run out of funds. However she did give me an important message from my grandmother and I was extremely satisfied.

Restlessmind 9/24/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for a n amazing reading.

Kcombs 9/23/2019 stars Phone Reading

My sweet Raquel. I love her dearly. She is like family. She has stayed by my side through all these rough times. I am so thankful for her!!! She has amazing gifts and is always on point with her predictions! KC

Kcombs 9/23/2019 stars Phone Reading

Raquel deserves a million stars! I love her so much! She is spot on always and has the most amazing gifts ever! She will blow you away! KC