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Psychic Radha x3490

Psychic Radha x3490

TwinFlame & Soulmate Expert


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Psychic Radha Ratings & Reviews

448 reviews since Jul 2019

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Featured Review silverstar88 3/1/2023 stars Phone Reading

Exceptional advisor. She has so much life knowledge and experiences, you can tell Radha is a wise person with so much wisdom to share. Very accurate, solution-oriented, and funny too. And she'll always provide post-reading material to work on your goals. Thank you!

Lune45 4/1/2024 stars Chat Reading

Radha is so helpful at holding you accountable and helping you to achieve your highest expression with discipline despite what’s going on in the world. Thank you.

Karen7 3/31/2024 stars Phone Reading

Radha picked up on my situation quickly will give updates on predictions

Lakkss 2/4/2024 stars Phone Reading

very truthful and straightforward. she taps into your question very quickly and guides the way through with follow up questions which is right for you.

AuraSM 5/23/2023 stars Phone Reading

Radha cut through the mundane things and really gave me what the Universe has been trying to tell me. She was so on point - it was brilliant. More than that, Radha is clearly very gifted and she shared a wealth of information with me. I felt her genuine warmth and encouragement. I felt she was also aware of the time limit so she didn't waste time - AT ALL. I feel really very happy with the reading I received and even encouraged my daughter to choose Radha because she was so on point. I could not be happier!

Brandes1721 5/12/2023 stars Phone Reading one of the most incredible spirituals being I have EVER talked with!!! I know she has the knowledge and spirituality in tune to whatever I speak about! WOW! Thank you, and I will chime in again!

loajen 4/23/2023 stars Phone Reading

I had sessions with Radha 2 times so far. Even if I am going through one of the hardest events in life, she both time guided me so gracefully. She not only quick to tapped into my situations but also has abundant life wisdom to embrace my pain with her big heart. No sugar coating, straight forward yet I got this solid clarity more than ever before. She also provided very practical and useful advice that I can work out right away. Each time I talked with her, I feel so light, less pain, and my strength buried deep inside me emerging to the surface level. Thank you. Anyone facing hardship in life worth giving a shot. More than 5 stars from me. I hope things will turn out better as time goes by.

mariaturnos2 4/22/2023 stars Phone Reading

Radha was on point with her reading and she will get straight to the point. She will give you honest readings.

Leeni34 4/22/2023 stars Phone Reading

Radha is amazing. It is always inspiring yet grounding to talk with her. She offers clarity and inspires strength of mind and spirit.

Seemelove 4/21/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you :))