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Featured Review Zephyr1981 7/18/2021 stars Phone Reading

Excellent insight and to the point. She is a very skilled reader. I’ve been doing readings with various gifted readers throughout the years and she is one of the top ones I’ve encountered

krisrose 2/1/2023 stars Phone Reading

Wow, wow, wow! What an amazing talent!

5059002869 1/29/2023 stars Phone Reading

Amazing reading, Thank you so much!! Rapha you are very accurate and direct in your readings. A person like me needs clarity with straight to the point .. can't wait for what's to come and I will most definitely put in the work to help strengthen my soul an my situation.. I most definitely can count on you in the near future for and uncertainty that seems to struggle my mind!!! Much love.

AnnaNanna 1/29/2023 stars Phone Reading

Radha is wonderful, what she reads is tough on my ears and heavy on my heart, but she works towards empowerment. She doesn't lace it up and describes things that I haven't told her. I don't know how to thank you for this session

AEVR646 1/22/2023 stars Phone Reading


Lune45 1/22/2023 stars Phone Reading

Radha is the truth! She sees right through any situation and gets to the heart of each matter while providing spiritual insight and tools for you to reach your highest expression. Thank you for empowering me to have the courage to love again and to protect that love from toxic family members.

Lostintime 1/19/2023 stars Phone Reading

Radha is a no BS straight shooter who is a compssionate and caring reader who will give you the truthful insight you may be looking for. I have been going through a lot recently and Radha found the way to make understand that I need to make changes in my life if I am ever going to find happiness. Thanks to her wisdom and guiudance I believen that I am finally on the road to finding true happiness. I am so thankful to have found her. Radha has become more than a trusted advisor to me. I see her as the sister I never had. Thank you for everything. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Namaste

yaohraah 1/8/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for your patience, you were spot on and very helpful. I felt like we knew each other very comfortable conversation. I think you could feel my anxiety lol but you were still listening and honest. I will stay in touch. Radha is very in tune with her abilities and a sweetheart I recommend her always.

7039817579 1/8/2023 stars Phone Reading

found the guidance and answer I was looking for. thank you for making me realize about the importance of self-love and healing.

Amiluv 1/8/2023 stars Chat Reading

Radha was quick on picking-up answers, I liked that. I did not like the part where I had to say which pile to choose, while I can see why she’s being thoughtful, it takes away from the psychic factor - when they give you a lot of information after you ask the question. The reading was okay compared to other readers I asked later on, they were able to reveal some powerful revelations re the love interest in question. Perhaps, focusing on just one question is recommended if you’re reading with Radha for 6mins amount of time. Just be prepared that her style is different, she shuffles and asks you to select the pile after cutting the deck, then shuffles again and gives you an answer. Thank you.

Radha replied...

I’m sorry that you did not feel the reading was up to your needs! However I’ve read for clients for years and six minutes can get you at least four questions answered and from your response you definitely got many questions answered ! I do not ask the client to pick the cards and then we shuffle again I think you misunderstood the process. The process is this I’m asking the Clients to get involved so that we can get their energy in the cards from that point on I’m getting downloads from my guides via images via words via somatic feelings so there are a lot of moving parts which you won’t actually experience because you’re in a chat not on the phone call. In a six minute call that you had with me you received 4 answers! Remember ,we are also pulling down information from the Akashic records there’s a lot of moving parts to reading the clients never see so having the client pick the cards actually adds to the psychic energy because we’re getting connected to your energy and that’s one way to do that immediately! my job is to make sure that the energy is clearly yours and that is why I like it when my clients pick! it’s interactive and gives them a sense of power not to mention their power is now in line with my guides and we get accurate answers!the goal is to get organic Accurate answers. I wish you the best on your journey as you seek your answers!