Psychic Pixie x8117

Psychic Pixie x8117

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Featured Review LoveLewis26 9/10/2019 stars Phone Reading

Very sweet and kind. What Pixie said was on target. I will call again.

daetathar 9/22/2019 stars Phone Reading

She picked up on some things very quickly and gave me details. Love her cheerful energy!

Misty158 9/22/2019 stars Phone Reading

Always 5 stars for this advisor. She is awesome. Always the same, friendly, calm, like a sister I can talk too about anything. I wish I had the funds to talk to this one for a long long time. Unfortunately that is not the case. Mr. "L" ? She says that will come to pass. I sure hope so....Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.

Lotus111 9/22/2019 stars Phone Reading

What a gem!! First time caller. Pixie is wonderful to chat with & helped explain POI.

arlettaist23 9/17/2019 stars Phone Reading

You are such an compasionate and wonderful gifted person.Thank you so much Pixie to be there for my darkest moments.God Bless!!

Noche1953 9/16/2019 stars Phone Reading

So kind, just love her. Great abilities. Will definately use her again

CosmicCrystal 9/12/2019 stars Phone Reading

Oh! She’s provided me with so much hope!!!!! Pixie I will be back to you by beginning of October to update you!!! I pray you are right thank you so very much for your insight!!!!!

listentome 9/12/2019 stars Phone Reading

Awesome advisor! Call her!

Shahawk 9/11/2019 stars Phone Reading

Lovely lady...and she knows her stuff! Thanks Pixie :)

Suzzana 9/10/2019 stars Phone Reading

Straight to the point. we will see if things pan out.