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Psychic Remi x3213 stars Phone Reading

Remi is the best ! She has been so accurate for me with my POI. Everything I ask her about she is alway's spot on. Thank you Remi, you are exactly right about my POI. We had a little "talk" like you said we would and in her way she did let me know how she feels and how much she needs me around and thinks of me just like you said. Amazing


Psychic Pearl x7638 stars Phone Reading

The most accurate reader for me ! All this year I have spoke with Pearl maybe 4 times. My 3 other favorites I spoke with at least every week about a POI. I know how people have "free will" and things can change, and readers can really look at what's going on in time in this moment. Somehow, someway, Pearl has been exactly right about my POI and it happened at the times dates she gave me. Nothing changed from what she told me would happen 4-6 months before. She tells you what you need to know and what will happen. Not what "could happen". She is very gifted for sure.


customer(s) found the following review helpful

Psychic Remi x3213 stars Phone Reading

The best ! Remi was the 1st that told me back last Dec. a POI would be coming back around. I never asked, she told me. She was right ! The POI lives about 400 miles from me. Things didn't work out like I hoped, and the POI and me talked very little. 20 different readers told me move on, POI wants to be friends but watch out, best to stay away, she only calls to use me because she gets lonely. All along during this time Remi kept telling me the POI would be moving in with me, she does have a lot of feelings for me but is scared. Timing is hard to tell. I thought for sure, no way, POI has no interest, we are only maybe still friends. Sure enough, POI came back last week, we talked and she wants to move in with me in a few weeks and see if things can work out ! All the readers, and Remi was the only one that was exactly right !


Psychic Fabiola x3277 stars Phone Reading

My "Go to" reader for wanting the honest truth, no holding back, most accurate reading who has not been wrong in the 3 years I've been talking with her. Fabiola tells me right away what's on my mind and the other POI's mind as soon as we connect. Thank you Fabiola. You helped me more than you know the past 3 years.


Psychic Raina x3342 stars Phone Reading

Raina your the best ! How you pick up on someone is so amazing and accurate. I hate when we run out of time but you know I will be back. Thank you


Psychic Raina x3342 stars Phone Reading

Raina is the best ! She tells me things and I tell her she is wrong that's not what is going on with my POI. Sure enough, Raina ends up proving me wrong. Don't know how Raina does it, but she is the fantastic at seeing in the near future. Thank You Raina


Psychic Remi x3213 stars Phone Reading

Thank You Remi. Always right as usual. Will talk to you soon.


Psychic Nicolette x4871 stars Phone Reading

1st Time reading with Nicolette. Really good. Very accurate information about a POI.


Psychic Remi x3213 stars Phone Reading

Alway's spot on. The most accurate reader on the line for me the last few years.


Psychic Raina x3342 stars Phone Reading

Thank You Raina, How you are so accurate with my POI and other people and situations I will never understand. You know I will be back to check in with you. Your the Best