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Featured Review Bbrave 9/26/2019 stars Phone Reading

Moira still remains the best on this site.She is the only one I call.She is a true intuitive and picked up on things and events that I know to be true.She couldn't have known other than by being the expert psychic that she is.So gifted...I love speaking with her. She put me at ease re:my situation and her advice has proven to be correct as well as her predictions.

IlonaK333 10/8/2019 stars Video Reading

Thank you Moira, as always, for your guidance. I don’t know what I would do without it. Many hugs!

IlonaK333 10/7/2019 stars Video Reading

The best!

Grobray 10/3/2019 stars Phone Reading

Many thanks Moria for your reading and for your prayer and for your positive energy! She is always very helpful and compassionate, she gives me a lot of positive energy when I am in such a critical time and under such huge pressure. I greatly appreciate her! Thank God!Thank Angel!

Noche1953 10/2/2019 stars Phone Reading

Lovely woman. Knew a lot of detail. Recommend for your poi.

hardy2370 9/29/2019 stars Phone Reading

Always consistent- she keeps me calm- truly amazing- I always wish I could talk to her longer and more often- she is truly a blessing

JaniceVirgo 9/28/2019 stars Phone Reading

Wonderful reading! Moira knew my POI like she had grown up with him. Amazing!! She was exactly right with everything she said. I love her!

JaniceVirgo 9/28/2019 stars Phone Reading

We got cut off and I had to call back in because her reading was SO spot on accurate I had to learn more. Absolutely love her!

cliffb 9/26/2019 stars Phone Reading

Wow this lady just blew my mind! The only thing she got wrong was about my mom being gone but she was ill for awhile.. She got my dad being gone, my daughter's birthday of 8/8 and my current situation. She saw all the loss I had in the past 5 years and she saw my ex with another man and her taking my daughter and moved in to I fought to reconcile she saw all that with just my name. She also said she saw others on this site tell me she would come back and apologized for that. I wish I had more funds to speak with her. But she is real. Ty so much. Sorry we got cut off. 'll call u again when I have more funds!

AmIHuman24 9/22/2019 stars Video Reading

Hi Moira! I hope you get to read comments. So sorry I ran out of funds! I always love talking to you, especially on the videocall! I will talk to you soon! Take care and Happy Sunday! --- SAM :)