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Psychic Moira x7776

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Featured Review Boramsmiles 3/21/2020 stars Video Reading

Most amazing advisor I’ve encountered. She just knows without you having to tell her anything. She delivers the msg in the most compassionate, graceful manner in a way that leaves you with the best possible impact on the ongoing situation. Thank you

Duckie51 3/19/2020 stars Phone Reading

It was, at least, spirit uplifting to have a reading and a conversation with you today, dearest friend. Thank you for always being ready with the truth, for the honest, unadorned descriptions of the less-than-joyous events unfolding in my beloved’s life, but along with that, for the infrangible vision you have held from the start of the immeasurable commitment we have to each other and to our relationship, and finally the glorious trajectory and the culmination of this love of ours. Today, however, becomes even more special, more precious because of the time you gave so patiently listening, supporting, blessing what I wrote. What a true friend you are, Moira. They say miracles happen everyday, you just have to know where to look. Whenever I hear you voice of love, honesty, truth, and hope, I see a miracle....YOU are one!

Terrible30 3/11/2020 stars Phone Reading

Whenever I talk to Moira, there is instant synch up. She's so intuitive and helpful with her guidance. I leave the phone call feeling much better about where I'm going. Highly recommend.

IBelieveInMe 3/9/2020 stars Video Reading

Thank you Moira. I wish we could talk longer I really wanted more insight into what is going on with him. Thank you again. :)

Steph4893 3/8/2020 stars Video Reading

She brought happy tears speaking to her. She reminded me of someone very dearly to me. She just knows it all! Very accurate in her reading. Thank you for putting a smile on my face

tauruspiceslove 3/8/2020 stars Video Reading

Moira is truly the most gifted psychic on this site. I literally will pause my account so I dont spend too much money but always come back for her to read for me again and again. Shes honest and comforting . Thanks Moira, you are my only one I come to on this site to see your that amazing ! For years now.

hardy2370 3/8/2020 stars Phone Reading

Moira always puts my mind at ease- I am a terrible worrier and I always feel better after talking to her- she is amazing

IlonaK333 3/8/2020 stars Video Reading

Love love Moira! Always such a pleasure to talk you and always the best guidance and support. Thank you for all your wisdom!

Viola1 3/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

I have spoken to Moira numerous times... She never lets me down. I wish I could give her more then five stars...Look forward to the next time we talk!!! Thanks again Moira.... oxoxox

jakester71 3/6/2020 stars Video Reading

Hi, Moira! Thank you so much for helping me get perspective on my POI! So I am gonna have to make the first move after all. Guess I kinda knew that. lol Well, I'll see what I can do. Thank you so much for your time! :D