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Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

I have tremendous respect for all my favorite advisers on this site, but to me, Sadia reigns supreme! She has really been the only one who’s every-and I mean every- vision and prediction has been unassailably accurate, honest, and true! She is my unparalleled and unequaled star adviser, guide, and friend.


Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

Another scintillating GEM of a reading from the incomparable, unparalleled, most gifted seer in the world: My Sadia!! The clarity and grounding you give to me at every reading is priceless. Despite the shadows that come over my love life every now and then (because of my beloved’s struggles), it is the truth of your words, the accuracy of your vision, the honesty of your predictions, and the loving guidance you impart at our every connection that make me so genuinely joyous. You have such luminosity of soul that touches me and replenishes my faith in the tenacity of the love P and I have. You Sadia, dearest adviser, guide and friend, and your 100 per cent assurance of the culmination of this love, on which you have NEVER wavered, have and will always be my north star, you are my beautiful Polaris! May your unassailable gift of seeing only grow stronger and become more and more blessed in the coming years.


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Psychic Ace x3562 stars Phone Reading

I have a very, very few extremely special advisers here on PS whom I trust with all my heart and soul, but once in a while, when I come upon someone who from the outset draws me in the most wonderful way, I feel I must seek that person's guidance for a fresh perspective and confirmation. Ace is indeed the amazing, gifted, sweet, accurate, truthful, honest seer that every one of her reviewers say that she is! The information she imparted at this first reading was without any trace of prompting from me, was so accurate (from the very first sentence she uttered it gave me goosebumps) and so fluid. I just felt that it was coming from the most truthful source and her connection with her spirit guide Michael is something to behold! Hence forth for me, Ace is forevermore added to that very special small group of advisers who continue to be my and my beloved’s loving and caring beacon of light in this our love’s journey. Ace, you are a luminous phenomenal star with a genuine gift of seeing that is a blessing to the world.


Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

Sadia is the truest, most honest, most accurate reader bar none! All and I mean all her readings and the very few measured predictions she has made and makes for me all turn up to be 100 per cent true. She does not mislead and, when asked for something definitive, she is always careful not to commit and tells you about about all the variables that could affect an outcome. I admire her so much for this quality in her as a seer-reader because she does not read to please but, rather, only impart what she can actually see unfold and this is always firmly couched within her intrinsic, authentic, unadulterated brand of honesty. There is absolutely no one I trust more than Sadia. Sadia, as far as I am concerned, you reign in the realm of seeing! I love you so much!


Psychic Leota x3587 stars Phone Reading

It was sheer pleasure to talk to you, Leota! Your honesty, authenticity, and positivity shone through effortlessly throughout our reading. You confirmed with such joy what I have always seen my relationship is with my beloved, his genuine love for me, and the lovely thiugh sometimes challenging journey our love has taken, is taking, and will take. You are a beautiful gifted seer and I thank you for such a faith-replenishing and truth-affirming reading. My love and I are physically separated right now and it is an emotional hardship but what you see as the culmination of our partnership fills me with such happiness and hope. You are a sterling addition to PS. May the heavens continue to fortify your gifts of seeing.


Psychic Moira x7776 stars Phone Reading

It was, at least, spirit uplifting to have a reading and a conversation with you today, dearest friend. Thank you for always being ready with the truth, for the honest, unadorned descriptions of the less-than-joyous events unfolding in my beloved’s life, but along with that, for the infrangible vision you have held from the start of the immeasurable commitment we have to each other and to our relationship, and finally the glorious trajectory and the culmination of this love of ours. Today, however, becomes even more special, more precious because of the time you gave so patiently listening, supporting, blessing what I wrote. What a true friend you are, Moira. They say miracles happen everyday, you just have to know where to look. Whenever I hear you voice of love, honesty, truth, and hope, I see a miracle....YOU are one!


Psychic Amy x7886 stars Phone Reading

You are my beacon of light, source of truth, and well spring of hope! Thank you dearest Amy for the reading last night.


Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

My five hundred star reader, adviser, and true friend delivered again her unparalleled, unrivaled, luminous gift of seeing and confirmed for me without question what has been unfolding in the professional life of my man and its wonderful implications on and ultimately, its (promise) of fulfillment of our life together. Sadia, since you came into my life, you have been unfailingly and continue to be the loving personification of accuracy, the ultimate seer of truth, the caring messenger of all that is honest, and the most beautiful harbinger of my joyous future with my beloved and and I love you so!


Psychic Joy x7744 stars Phone Reading

Joy replenishes my faith and hope with her joyous, authentic, loving gift of seeing! It has been a while since I have had a reading with this wonderful gifted woman and every time I do, I end the call with a smile on my face and in my heart wondering why I do not reach out to her more often. Her visions are as true as the day is long and I believe in the honesty and bounty and loveliness of the future she sees for my love as much as I know that the sun is always shining somewhere in the world. Thank you dear Joy, dear adviser and friend for always giving me the truth. God bless you and your wonderful gift!


Psychic Ricky x8106 stars Phone Reading

Ricky, I forgot to tell you the name I use when I review readings is “Duckie51”, ( a pet name my beloved deceased husband gave me, he was “The Drake” , so I was the “The Duckie”). In any event, you saw my husband with his little white dog “Coco” with him and my husband was telling you that “everything is fine with him.” It made me cry with happiness to know that. And EVERYTHING, and I mean everything that you saw, Ricky, with your phenomenal, out of this world psychic gift about my current love life was pitch perfect, accurate to the last letter!!! Amazing does not even begin to cover it. Your razor sharp accuracy, scintillating truthfulness, and incomparable comprehensiveness in your description of my beloved’s and my (our) history and what is obtaining now was mind boggling. And your reading of our future is joyous and uplifting beyond words. I just celebrated by birthday two days ago and received loving birthday wishes, cards, and gifts but YOUR reading today for me, dear Ricky, was far and beyond the best of them all! You are a treasure, and your gift is a manifestation of The Divine. May God continue to bless you and fortify your prodigious talents and skills.