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Featured Review Born2t9756 3/30/2020 stars Phone Reading

Millicent is the real deal. She went on just by me saying the name of my person of interest. She didn't ask a million questions. We connected rather quickly and most if not all the information was correct. Give her a call. You will be glad you did.

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marrice 3/29/2020 stars Phone Reading

Applied for a job thru a recruiter with no reply for 2 weeks, but Millicent told me that I'd hear back by the next Wednesday. I did. I got the call on the Friday before the next Wednesday! Perfect job at the right place that I've been looking for and Millicent feels that I will be offered the job within 10 days. She appears to be pretty accurate and is a really nice down to earth person. She is now one of my very few favorites!

Azaleachild 3/3/2020 stars Phone Reading

Ive been talking with Millicent for a year or two now and I find her extremely gifted. Its as if she opens my soul and reads it like a book, line for line. She knows what lays heavy in my heart and mind and intuitively answers questions i have without a word being spoken. Its like a close friendship having a cup of coffee. I love chatting with Millicent. In addition she is very accurate and honest. No sugar coating. Highly recommend. 20 stars !!

dstroi8 12/26/2019 stars Phone Reading

Not a bad experience but a definite reminder that I need to forget all this high in the sky insight and lean into my left hand path to find the middle way to my truth. Turn up the Metal to 11 and Rock and Roll the way to my best options. Never settle for what is less than I know I am worth. Sometimes insight is a trick and a trap asking us if we are the fly or the spider. I’m neither, I am the dragon.

Seagreen1304 9/23/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you

7749300607 8/29/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much !! :)

annakruk633 8/28/2019 stars Phone Reading

One of the most accurate psychics here. Great to talk to. Thank You.

libralove789 6/19/2019 stars Phone Reading

Always a fantastic reader. Makes an instant connection each time. She reads deep within the situation, allowing you to get to the heart of the matter.

glows1 6/18/2019 stars Phone Reading

No connection.

Kimmy3 4/2/2019 stars Phone Reading

You are lovely too Millicent! Accurate and compassionate. I am grateful for your insight. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us