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Featured Review Londynpb 11/8/2021 stars Chat Reading

I admit fully that I was skeptical. Even though some parts of her reading were EXACTLY spot on, I was still skeptical, because some people are just good guessers right? Not even 24hrs later after i followed her advice, I get a call from the guy I was having problems with, and EVERYTHING she said in our reading came out of this man's mouth in a conversation. I was so shocked and amused I barely even had a response to what this man was saying. I got to say , she is the real deal, not too even mention kind, gentle, compassionate, and honest. Some advisors tell you what you want to hear, she simply gently told me the truth and I appreciate it. And i know it was the truth... because it literally came to pass in 20 hrs haha. Will definitely follow up.

natashaN 5/25/2022 stars Chat Reading

Very sweet. Gave me specific dates before I even asked. Will be back to read more.

Margaret 5/19/2022 stars Video Reading

Thank you Mabel for your kindness and a great reading overall. Feeling much better after our video call. Thanks a ton!

Kanwal 5/17/2022 stars Chat Reading

Very clear & accurate Advise. I need your prayers for my situation.

Paradossa 5/11/2022 stars Phone Reading

This was my first reading with Mabel, and she was able to accurately pick up on scenarios and sometimes actual words (verbatim) people have said which, frankly, took me aback. Because there was so much accuracy about situations that I feel are not common, what she said resonated with me. I look forward to seeing her predictions come to fruition and I will definitely call her again.

natashaN 5/11/2022 stars Chat Reading

I was very pleasantly surprised with my reading with Mabel. She could definitely connect and gave me very specific things. I will definitely read with her again!

Olive89 5/10/2022 stars Phone Reading


Lespritlibre8 5/9/2022 stars Phone Reading

This was my first time calling Mabel. We stayed on the phone for over an hour! She was able to articulate and dissect what R was saying about our "situationship" basically talking out both sides of his mouth. She advised that I lay low and play it cool and detach a little bit so my emotional vulnerability was not so intense and reminded me that I still have some healing work that I need to investigate before jumping in to something new. She was also able to tell me things about my soon to-be ex-husband that only I knew about and details of our settlement agreement (those details have not been shared with anyone either). Toward the end of the call, she encouraged me to share my last 10 years in writing and said I am a great story teller. She reminded me the pain and suffering has not been a waste and can definitely be used to help others in the future. I'm adding her to my favorites and will definitely be a lifetime caller!

Sather9 5/5/2022 stars Phone Reading

Mabel, thank you for helping me. My POI is leaving soon and you stated the exact day he is leaving (to my surprise) . I am keeping hope that the rest of your predictions are true. Please keep me in your thoughts this has been a difficult road. I look forward to talking to you again if we reconcile

bumble381 5/5/2022 stars Chat Reading

I was really excited about talking to Mabel after reading her profile and reviews. I had to wait a few days because I kept missing her. I will say that she is a fast typer which is so important with chat readings. I have two topics…career and love. My career question she answered pretty quick and gave time frame #bonus. I asked about new love but also other specific questions pertaining to it and the new person. Mabel gave me a time frame which of course was great but seemed to be focused on a past person that I needed to let go. This part was a little confusing because when I let go I LET GO there’s no lingering over here lol. Although I didn’t get much about the new person I at least know they’re coming. I’d probably reach out to Mabel again in the future.