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Psychic Mylie x8974 stars Chat Reading

Mylie is amazing. She has introduce me to a spiritual exercise that works amazing result - the surprise was that you really felt it and you instantly see result in my personal situation. Overall, she is sweet, genuine, and accurate. Like all psychic readings on timeframe is like a "gamble". With her being one of my adviser for two years, 80% of her predicted time-frame come to pass. You may have the 20% to leave it with the Universe for change of direction / sequence of events. Anyway, she is fast, understanding and her prediction is accurate (if its not in timeframe but in sequence of events). Even the predicted time-frame slips, from my experiences it usually slipped between 2-3 months but the predict event do happen.


Psychic Gaia x3559 stars Chat Reading

Gaia, is amazingly accurate with her prediction. My first reading with Gaia was in Jan 2020 and she predicted that I will not get the two roles that I've applied. By Feb 2020, I received two rejection emails for the roles. Gaia, is one of the psychic that I have found in Psychic source to be right with her prediction and her predicted dates in my personal situation. To summarise, Gaia is accurate, sweet and fast in her response to my situation.


Psychic Esme x3498 stars Chat Reading

Esme is accurate, detail and fast. Her prediction came to past. Her prediction is scary ACCURATE with the detail of situation / events. She picks up things that you know it did not happen at the time of the readings - this does not mean it won't happen in the predicted timeframe. Apparently, she is correct in all aspect of her readings. Thank you.


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Psychic Emma x9334 stars Chat Reading

she is AMAZING! Emma is accurate with her prediction and she sometimes surprises you with her prediction. The predicted events and timeframe came to pass. The surprise is that you did not see yourself taken the action but it turns out she was right all along. To summarise, Emma is fast, accurate and she will amaze you.


Psychic Magdalene x3582 stars Chat Reading

Wow and double wow. When she asked if I have applied a job outside the country and it turns out she was right; An oversea recruiter phoned me and I did applied outside the country. The predicted timeframe in March that I will know something about it, and is right. Thank you, magdalene. She is fast, accurate and she will surprised you with her prediction.


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Psychic Sterling x3270 stars Chat Reading

Sterling, what can I say? He's right on the point with accuracy. He's funny, detailed, fast, and accurate. All his predicted events/ timeframe did come to past for me. Thank you.


Psychic Sapphire x3149 stars Phone Reading

Saphhire is accurate,fast and to the point. Her predicted timeframe and events came to pass for me. When she said that I will get "disappointment" at first and good news will follow shortly after - she's right! She sees things that I did not know it exist with my question. Truly AMAZINGLY accurate readings! Thank you.


Psychic Sonata x7581 stars Chat Reading

Sonata is AMAZING! My first reading with Sonata was in Jan 2018 on my job search; She predicted that I will be employed in a company with "a round blue logo". Turns out she was correct. I was employed in Sept 2018 by the company with a "blue round logo". The predicted events was shockingly accurate with my personal situation.


Psychic Zachary x3345 stars Chat Reading

Accurate and fast. Look forward to his prediction to unfold.


Psychic Solange x3577 stars Chat Reading

Wow and double Wow. Given little information on situation of interest - Solange's readings are accurate, precise, and fast. Its like talking to an old friend and Solange sees my events as if she is watching "a movie". I am looking forward to her predicted timeframe for the events unfold.