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Featured Review MashAl 2/28/2022 stars Chat Reading

I have never reviewed anyone right away and I am very difficult to please. Every single word Leota said is spot on. In the midst of my emotional chaos, she was the only one on here and elsewhere who got the incredibly complex situation right and put a smile on my face. Thank you

Madsigan 2/27/2024 stars Phone Reading

I'm sorry we got cut off! I will reach back when I get the news and have more funds, lots of love to you Leota! Thank you!

Empath123 2/25/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much, Leota. Emotions were high for me today and I know I need to chill. I definitely needed to see that there was hope for him.

Jody1971 2/20/2024 stars Phone Reading

Not enough stars for this phenomenal reader..said I'd hear from my poi today!:I did ;) Ty so much ! spot on with my Poi..

virgin1406 2/19/2024 stars Phone Reading

Leota is an amazing and unique reader ,she’s been doing readings for me over a year now, she always goes straight to the point, she’s always right no second guessing, always point me in the right direction, it’s always great to connect with such gifted women like her, it’s always a pleasure speaking with Leota.

lladewig45 2/18/2024 stars Phone Reading

Very sweet and kind, and a great advisor.

kayla9797 2/16/2024 stars Phone Reading

10/10 definitely picked up on things no one else has and the delivery was exactly what i needed to calm my anxiety at this time thankyou so much will be back to update on predictions

awonder 2/15/2024 stars Phone Reading

totally awesome!!!!

chricy 2/13/2024 stars Phone Reading

Leota is very kind, insightful, and accurate. Thank you.

mayapktang 2/8/2024 stars Chat Reading

Great reading with helpful details. Leota is cautious and analytic which allows me to easily understand the situation. Friendly and helpful to work with. Hope things turn out well and spk soon!