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Psychic Leena x7951

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Featured Review Butterfly44 6/16/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, Leena, for an amazing reading! I connected in with you right away because of your relaxed conversational style. I love how you are able to go beneath the surface of situations, and pull out the real feelings and reasons for certain behaviors of the person who you are reading. Thank you so much, and many Blessings to you, Leena!

Heythere 10/19/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for your guidance here

nileshbh 10/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

She is awesome!!

noelle16 10/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

She was great at picking up on the energy of multiple people with just a first name and telling me their intentions and emotions towards me. Her explanations resonated and made a lot of sense.

Garrett 10/1/2020 stars Phone Reading

Leena... just found out they did go to Sturgis together. Am I a fool

Daisies 9/16/2020 stars Phone Reading

It was so amazing. It has been 4 years since any visual or verbal contact from my POI. She just took over fully explaining why he did what he did. What is going on in his situation now and what the future can hold for a reconciliation. She estimates small communication by end of year.

himaui&corkey 9/13/2020 stars Phone Reading

She is amazing!! Thank you Leena

Noche1953 9/13/2020 stars Phone Reading

First time with Leena. Very good, strong, solid reading.

Catlee 8/24/2020 stars Phone Reading

Leena is a Rock Star! One of my favorites, she is always consistent. I always look forward to talk with her.

Garrett 8/23/2020 stars Phone Reading

Hoping I get to talk to you tonight!