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Featured Review Lookupon 5/24/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you kindly for listening to a panic stricken tired woman. My feet hurt...I got off the phone with you and took a deep breath ....I told myself I would find my little baby. Well I got home at 10:10 pm which was 21 minutes after we finished talking and my other little babies started barking and my mother let my lost baby in the front door. He must have followed me home. I came home to think of a plan. I was running out of options....but anyways you did tell me I would find him in about 20 are awesome. I will call again just to give you a personal thank are the best...thank you very much

jjurado 1/18/2022 stars Phone Reading

Her profile message immediately gave me mediumship vibrations. I ended up buying 3 more readings, which is very uncharacteristic for me. Pretty respectful of time when you tell her. No idea how accurate, but hit the nail on the head on one relationship and specific enough for me to track these next few months. We'll see!

Julie replied...

Thank you and I hope that we can talk again soon. Many blessings to you.

wendy2000 1/9/2022 stars Phone Reading

Julie is awesome!

Msshea 1/7/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much Mrs. Julie. I truly appreciate you.

Julie replied...

I appreciate you too. It is always so great to talk to you! I can't even imagine how many years we have been talking, but I always enjoy speaking to you! I hope you are doing well.

Steph19michell 1/6/2022 stars Phone Reading

Julie is the best!!

Julie replied...

Awe, you are so sweet.

wendy2000 1/4/2022 stars Phone Reading

Julie is great!

Ghostrider 12/24/2021 stars Phone Reading

Julie was very good when asked about poi and connecting with those that have crossed. Provided insight without being prompted and said things that I only knew. Highly recommended.

Julie replied...

I am glad that you enjoyed the reading and I hope that you think of me again soon

wendy2000 12/23/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thanks, Julie!

wendy2000 12/20/2021 stars Phone Reading

Julie is great!

Julie replied...

I always appreciate your amazing feedback ? I hope that you are enjoying your trip!

Msshea 12/16/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much Mrs. Julie. Your kindness and accuracy is what i needed at this trying time. You are always on point.