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Featured Review Sweetladyh0203 1/21/2022 stars Chat Reading

Wish I had more time to chat with her! WOW! WOW! She is GOOD!!!!! She described every little detail about my POI in secondssss! She’s fast and detailed! Jenna thanks so much for your guidance and insight… I can’t wait to chat again with you….

Flygirl 10/2/2022 stars Chat Reading

Jenna is one of the best!! Not only is she super fast, but she provides so much detail!!!! I have been reading with her over the last 6 months and she's been averaging about 90% on predictions which is amazing since my POI is a total flake!! Jenna, thank you so much!! You have some days been my sanity and helped me let go of this situation and move on to a more peaceful life.

curiousMinds 10/2/2022 stars Chat Reading

Jenna is super fast and detailed! Her positive demeanour and ability to explain and empathise with you is so great! She has been thorough and correct on so many details and predictions I highly recommend you give her a try! You won’t regret it. Thank you Jenna xxx

LKelly2019 9/25/2022 stars Chat Reading

I think she is on the money. Will wait to see what happens but I feel she probably nailed everything.

Bennyshea 9/24/2022 stars Chat Reading

Girl, you're AMAZING!!!! Tuned in quick, and spot on with all the info about my POI! Hoping the predictions turn out. I will be back!

BanAnna 9/22/2022 stars Chat Reading

First chat with Jenna, and wow! She picked up on the POI so fast with great detail, super on point, without me saying anything but the name. She has definitely become one of my favorites now! I’ll be reaching out again. Thank you!

La2019 9/13/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for yesterday. I can’t put in words how talented and caring you are. Not to mention extremely accurate. Love you!

La2019 9/8/2022 stars Chat Reading

Jenna, thank you again so much for putting up with me and for providing such accurate information. Your ability to tune in to poi, the situation, and the future is astonishing. I love you!!

Godmom218 9/4/2022 stars Chat Reading

Jenna is super fast & so so accurate! Spot on with poi etc! She is like an xray she can see through the poi! She is very caring too!

La2019 9/4/2022 stars Chat Reading

Jenna, thank you for always being there and thank you for your time! For 3 months now you have been right about everything you said. He confirmed all you explained to me when I asked you why he was distant sometime - exactly as you said: being overwhelmed with work/family/kids, his avoidance tendencies, and everything else you told me. You were right, all this time, about contact, and his state of mind. You are the best out there, and I am so lucky to have come to meet you. Thank you again for everything and sending you so much love!!!