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Psychic Janax x7750

Psychic Janax x7750

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Featured Review Star12345 10/5/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much Janax! I’m so grateful for the reading. You were so accurate about my love life and deceased loved one. You put my mind to peace. You are truly an Earth Angel who takes people’s worries away. This was my second reading with you and I will call you again. It was so lovely speaking to you. Please keep me in your prayers. So grateful!

Janax replied...

Thank you very much.I am very humbled by your praise. Truly. I am always happy be be able to give some help and hope to a person ,especially such a person with as deep a Soul as you have. Continued Blessing wishes sent forth and may Angels be by your side to Guide you..

chricy 5/24/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank you very much for being so kind, insightful, always willing to listen, and accurate. Nearly 5 years ago I went through a very tragic event Janax has listened to me numerous times talk about it. Her lending an ear has helped me immeasurably.

Janax replied...

Thank you. It is my honor and I am humbled to help you in any way I can.I wish I could heal all the pain. The extreme event that you went through carved a deeper well in your already deep heart, that will enable that heart to hold all the more joy when it finally comes in--and it will. Heart has the word ear within it. Beautiful Soul. In gratitude..

Behonestplease 5/24/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thanks so much Janax for your insight. I apologize for calling you the wrong name. My emotions are all over the place and I was reading reviews of another advisor before calling you….my apologies. You picked up so well on me being pulled back and him as well. You also picked up me having dreams about him and I was shocked when you mentioned that. Very accurate reading I will keep you posted on how things go end of month first part of June. She picked up exactly what was going on what a true seer.

Janax replied...

Thank you. No need to apologize- you are under a lot of stress. I appreciate you and your Energy and words. Blessing Energy Thoughts sent out to you…..

npollice13 5/23/2024 stars Phone Reading

She was incredible and said things to me I have no idea how she would even know. She is was informative, thoughtful and gave guidance. One of the best readings I have ever had and can’t imagine getting one from anyone else. I cannot thank you enough

Janax replied...

Thank you. Your energy is incredible , and I sending you out more positve Energy. I also send out to you continued positive Thoughts, and Blessing Intentions Wishes....

breadandroses 5/22/2024 stars Phone Reading

Janax is the real deal. She's incredibly down to earth, funny, accurate, non-judgemental and compassionate. I felt like I was talking to a beloved family member, who's known me my entire life and has beautiful wisdom and insight to share. She creates a warm and safe space, for us to get the best reading possible. I really loved Janax's energy, honesty and patience. I'm grateful for her Gift.

Janax replied...

Thank you. I am grateful to have connected with and to You. You are a gift to me as well, and I am very grateful for that--you and your words, thoughts,Being and send you out more positive Thought Energy. and Blessing wishes......

Jwash1974 5/21/2024 stars Phone Reading

She was right on point on so many things!

Janax replied...

Thank you. You were and are a delight. Blessed to tune into that Energy you have, share with the world, and I am sending you out more positive Thought Energy. Blessings..

P_india0123 5/21/2024 stars Phone Reading

always amazing

Janax replied...

Thank you. It is always a pleasure to hear your voice and the energy that emits from it. Blessing Intention Wishes and Thoughts being sent..

chricy 5/20/2024 stars Phone Reading

Very supportive, kind, insightful, and accurate. Thank you Janax.

Janax replied...

Thank you. I thank you and appreciate You and your words, and communication and connection. Always--all ways-- be Blessed.

roses444 5/20/2024 stars Phone Reading

thank u janax! in 2022 you predicted i would meet someone new and i did. it’s been tough bc i lost this person for sometime but having them back in my life feel so nice bc i missed them dearly. i hope this connection grows and we can move forward together.

Janax replied...

Thank you. I am happy for you. Please know that you are worthy of all things good and lovely, as you are. Continued Blessing Thoughts and Energy sent..

ElisaC 5/19/2024 stars Phone Reading

This is my second reading with Miss Janex, she is very supportive and kind and she give me hope for me and my situation! she was very accurate on my POI too Thanks Janae I will come back hope predictions came true!

Janax replied...

Thank you. Your situation is unique, as you are, and your good and open heart is what makes you special. I send you out--both, Blessing Thoughts, intentions, and wishes....Janax