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Featured Review Star12345 10/5/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much Janax! I’m so grateful for the reading. You were so accurate about my love life and deceased loved one. You put my mind to peace. You are truly an Earth Angel who takes people’s worries away. This was my second reading with you and I will call you again. It was so lovely speaking to you. Please keep me in your prayers. So grateful!

Janax replied...

Thank you very much.I am very humbled by your praise. Truly. I am always happy be be able to give some help and hope to a person ,especially such a person with as deep a Soul as you have. Continued Blessing wishes sent forth and may Angels be by your side to Guide you..

Bigheart1993 3/20/2023 stars Phone Reading

Definitely helped me with my self-esteem during the reading can totally relate to this amazing clairvoyant woman. I will take all of her inside and keep pushing forward after hearing everything she had to say to me I definitely would recommend this psychic.

Janax replied...

Thank you. Please Do Not Doubt yourself. Your soul. I don't. You have more than 'what it takes' to take you far ahead. I send out to you many Blessing Wishes and intentions.You have and are a good heart. Peace to your Soul and Self...

aakriti 3/18/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Janax I will put it out to the Universe the big changes for good I’m looking for this year. Thank you for always guiding me and clearing my mind. Speak to you as soon as I have something great to share :)

Janax replied...

Thank you. Your kindness, intelligence and humility will enable you to go far, and create and attract the positive changes you are seeking and making. You have a good heart,and the goodness you put out to this world will come back to you, triple fold. Blessings wishes sent for you.Your name in my prayer candle..Peace..

Valerie 3/16/2023 stars Phone Reading

This was my first time with Janax...and will definitely not be the last. She shows truth and is straight to the point. I highly recommend Janax to anyone looking for guidance, clarity and or direction.

Janax replied...

Thank you. Your insight, intelligence and own intuition are very apparent. It was a delight to engage with that--with You.. Blessing wishes sent forth..

EB_1506014 3/16/2023 stars Phone Reading

Very nice. Felt like she was trying to go on and use more of the time & did ask a little more questions I had wished

Janax replied...

I always ask first names only, and if a feeling/date/time resonates with a seeker, to see if we are on the same wavelength. You stayed on the call for over 41 minutes.When a caller keeps dead silent, it's often difficult to come up against and break through that wall, the challenge of 'stump the psychic.'I actually tend to talk quickly, as I am very aware and respectful of a customers time.Hope you find what you are seeking. May the good you put out come back to you. Namaste.

Vic_135193 3/15/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much Janax! My funds have run out, but you have told me has been so uplifting. Thank you for your soothing insights and I would love to hear from you again in the near future!

Janax replied...

Thank you. it was a my pleasure and delight to engage with you, and your Energy, and I send you out more--May your Angels continue to uplift and uphold you on Your Journey Forward...

Empath123 3/13/2023 stars Phone Reading

As always, amazing:) thank you Janax and I look forward to what a year will bring! I already can't wait for 2024

Janax replied...

Thank you. You amaze me. Your Heart, Soul, Self,--insight, wisdom, kindness and self knowledge are astounding. I always hold thoughts of you in my heart,and send you out wishes for multiple Blessings..

AMunited79 3/10/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much Janax It was lovely hearing from you and your warm and empathetic approach was delightful. You picked up on so many accurate things and I would definitely like to connect with you again!

Janax replied...

Thank you. It was indeed a pleasure to connect to and with you. Your Energy. I send you out more Positive Energy Thoughts and Blessing wishes..

VictoriaInTears 3/9/2023 stars Phone Reading

Sorry we got cut off Janax! You’re always just what I need. I appreciate your patience and caring. I know I ask the same question all the time lol, and you always give me the clarity and hope that I need. Thank you so much.

Janax replied...

Thank you. I am always so happy to hear your voice, and feel your beautiful energy. Please believe, I do. You will see this and hear this.Thank you for being on this planet....Blessings..

boolean 3/7/2023 stars Phone Reading

Janax is amazing , kind , and extremely accurate! She’s always been consistent in her predictions ! Shes worth every penny! She’s soothing! God bless you Janax thank you for helping me

Janax replied...

Thank you. It is indeed a delight to talk with and to you! You have Friend energy. A good energy, and I send you out more positive Thought Energy. You are moving towards a better space/place.. Blessing Wishes sent!