Psychic Donovan x8351

Psychic Donovan x8351

Nonjudgmental, Uplifting, Specific

4½ stars

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Featured Review Spiritual 7/23/2021 stars Phone Reading

Donovan's wise counsel, intuitive perspective and accurate predictive abilities have seen me through a difficult time. I'm truly so grateful to this very kind, patient man. I highly recommend a reading with Donovan if you want to know the truth.

Ash1818 1/4/2022 stars Phone Reading

Amazing reading. Put all of my worries on the shelf. This has literally opened my heart in a beautiful way. I lost connection because I am new to this site unfortunately. BUT THANK YOU.

Spiritual 1/2/2022 stars Phone Reading

I don't know what I would have done without Donovan's help during an upsetting situation! His readings are succinct, consistent, and extremely informative!

cjaddee 12/21/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for a great reading Donovan.

Spiritual 12/14/2021 stars Phone Reading

Every time I talk with Donovan I am TRULY AMAZED!!! These are examples of his extraordinary gift: he has told me verbatim what someone will say, his "behind-the-scenes" take on a situation has been accurate, and predicting the future has been also right-on! I love Donovan! He is such a kind, intelligent man. I have learned so much from him and I believe that I am a better person because of him.

ItalianMedallion 12/14/2021 stars Phone Reading

Donovan is one of my top advisors that I rely on.

cjaddee 12/10/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Donovan.

Loveme8970 12/8/2021 stars Phone Reading

Very calm, honest, and clear. Thank you.

catgirl3 12/1/2021 stars Phone Reading

Donovan is kind and so positive. Not sure if timing is correct. Poi had not reached out from last timing prediction. However, Donovan reads poi so well! Thank you!

kshanna91 12/1/2021 stars Phone Reading

Very good first reading