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Psychic Caitlin x7741

Psychic Caitlin x7741

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Featured Review Mango0419 3/12/2023 stars Phone Reading

Caitlin, I am so glad we connected again. It feels like I am talking to an old friend today. You ease my mind and I am hoping what you say will come to pass. Take care.

COgirl 5/23/2024 stars Phone Reading

I talked to Caitlin about a job interview, and I think the information she gave me was spot on. She confirmed what I thought, and gave me additional insight.

Flygirl777 5/22/2024 stars Phone Reading

Sweet lady!!! The reading was overall positive but a bit different than the last one I had… last we spoke she mentioned that POI and I had a good future and he would come forward to talk to me about plans for us and his plans to terminate his current situation and she gave me a date of this occurring by August 8th, although todays reading was not all negative, she gave me like an ultimatum date of June 15th for my POI to come forward with actions otherwise they never will… so I guess it’s a matter of seeing whether he makes moves or not… and maybe August 8th is off the charts? I’m a bit confused and doubting my entire situation with POI but I guess we’ll see… thank you either way Caitlyn! I still appreciate you!

Creative_Hiccup 5/20/2024 stars Phone Reading

I know we only have 7 (?) days to review an advisor and nothing we spoke about will come through during that time, so I want to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU, Caitlin. Ya'll, when she heard that 1-minute notification, she tried SO hard to get me as much information as she could. That's working under some serious stress. I know many of us think about how much we are spending, but our advisors give SO much to us. They are real people, too, and they have real nervous systems, so while I am SO appreciative, I want Caitlin to know that while it was appreciated, it wasn't expected. BUT YA'LL, also, she said sh*t about my career path that was like so on the nose and is so unusual that what she sees for my future really seems plausible (and exciting and kind of nerve-wracking). AND then she told me to stay away from my ex when I *only* asked about what was coming up for me romantically (and said nothing about my ex). Message received! Thank you, Caitlin.

KristyMel 5/15/2024 stars Phone Reading

Caitlin is AMAZING!!!! She is the most accurate and fast psychic I have come across. She does not wait a second while giving you a ton of detailed information!

Bella12 5/15/2024 stars Phone Reading

Awesomeness as always…gave updates on POI & financial securities. All still on track..

Letsbereal 5/9/2024 stars Phone Reading

Absolutely love this precious lady! She truly sees things! Multiple things have come to pass as she sees them. Not only does she care about you during the reading but she prays for you outside the reading. She is beyond accurate. My #1 go to for months!! She will never lie to you to make you feel better. I just can’t say enough about her! Don’t take my word, find out for yourself and you’ll see exactly why I adore her!

Alilol 5/4/2024 stars Phone Reading

amazing love her

foreverfriend3 5/4/2024 stars Phone Reading

she keeps me uplifted and positive. Will hold on to me seat and wait for the ride<3.

Homiegirl 5/2/2024 stars Phone Reading

Not sure if my reading made sense but she definitely had a great personality and was kind.