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Psychic Remi x3213 stars Phone Reading

Spoke with Remi and she cleared up a few things about POI myself for this year. Within 45 days to August POI in myself will start to move as a real couple and in September there’s going to be a huge change. House is on the horizon within the next 40 days as well as finances will maintain. Thank you for the clarity looking forward to this fruition.


Psychic Izzy x9366 stars Phone Reading

Izzy thank you so much that’s all I can say. I took your advice and will work on me. Thank you!!


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Psychic Iris x3493 stars Phone Reading

First time speaking with iris, she grounded me and didn’t even know it. Conversation was awkward but needed. Thank you, will call back. #fullmoon


Psychic Izzy x9366 stars Phone Reading

100% Amazing!!! She is so spot on, energy is great. Provided so much info on what I’m feeling and that it’s NOT a fluke, it’s real. I’m ready for all great things to come!!


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Psychic Tatiana x4855 stars Phone Reading

Great, great, great!!!! She’s not only provided insight on POI and myself for this summer and long-term but where we are headed. This has been a wonderful and insightful weekend. Thank you Tatiana….


Psychic Eden x4870 stars Phone Reading

Fabulous that’s the word to describe this advisor, simply fabulous. She saw my situation, explained the cards she pulled and provided clarity. Give her a call she’s one of the bests!!


Psychic Pearl x7638 stars Phone Reading

Pearl is/was amazing..... we discussed various issues that I'm dealing with regarding POI and myself. Not sure why/how we got here however, praying that he gets his life together before it's toooooo late.


Psychic Julie x8015 stars Phone Reading

Great, great read...... give Julie a call.


Psychic Misty x7330 stars Phone Reading

Misty Was great she listened and provided feedback and direction.


Psychic Annie x4843 stars Phone Reading

Hey there Ava I got it right this time!!!! Annie is on point… she listened to my feelings, the situation and then we read the cards. Things will change between PIO and myself in the spring/summer however, during this time will be rough between the two of us……#ownership Thank again Annie!! Will keep you posted….