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Featured Review JoAnn74 6/8/2020 stars Chat Reading

Barbara is one of a kind. She is very caring and honest. I don't know what I would do without her. She is so genuine and humble. I can't say enough good about her. She loves all her clients and treats them like friend. She is a very honest psychic and she will tell you how it is. She will not sugar coat anything. But she has a way of telling you the bad in a very compassionate way. Barbara can pick on feelings and she is very highly intuitive to the situation. I have been having readings with her for over 2 years and she hasn't missed a beat.

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Patches2018 7/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

In these challenging times when your days may be filled with stress and anxiety, we are told to be bold- be courageous-stay strong- and never give up hope and to BELIEVE and U will RECEIVE ( many blessings). If U need clarity on several issues, it’s important not to be NAIVE! Please purchase a Chat Reading with kindhearted and compassionate Advisor Barbara for whatever may be your PEEVE! Even if U just lost a beloved friend and just want to GRIEVE! By hooking up with wise and prudent Barbara, it will be the best advice U will ever RECEIVE! And knowledgeable Barbara will let U know if Jacks intention is to DECEIVE (U)! And she will tell U how Jack is truly feeling and how he actually PERCEIVE ( U) And then U can make up your mind if U want to LEAVE ( him). When we have positive energy and thoughts and attitude and sincerely BELIEVE, We can have confidence and reach for the stars and nothing can stop us from what we can ACHIEVE! And being optimistic- focused- cheerful and happy what a ton of blessings we will attract and RECEIVE! So if U need some encouragement and support this EVE, Or just to see what devious Jack has up His SLEEVE, Why not call awesome Advisor Barbara for help and support as surely thru her compassion and understanding U will be RELIEVED! And She will show U different opportunities and possibilities of what can be ACHIEVED! Xoxoxo

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Patches2018 7/4/2020 stars Phone Reading

Advisor Barbara is a blessing and a beautiful Queen and will always REIN! Thru her Readings U will see that she is such a rare treasure and gem and we should cheer and celebrate and bring out finest CHAMPAGNE! Thru her mercy and compassion, she helps her clients thru their PAIN! And with an Attitude of Gratitude, there is so much knowledge one can GAIN! U may feel sad if Awesome Barbara spirit guides and Angels are picking up that Suzy should definitely REFRAIN ( Keep away from Dennis) Even if Suzy feels hopeless and Dennis is manipulative and driving Suzy INSANE, It would be very prudent and wise to listen to and heed Highly gifted Advisor Barbara advice since by her intuition she picks up issues very clearly and PLAIN! So even if Suzy is feeling depressed and defeated and wants to go down memory LANE, Please just ABSTAIN from calling toxic and arrogant Dennis and eventually this urge will WANE! Just don’t be stuck in a toxic and abusive relationship with constant arguing and fighting your energy will DRAIN! Advisor Barbara will certainly not sugar coat an issue and your Reaching out to her will not be in VANE! She will be truthful and tell U how she sees it even if it may cause U PAIN! To discover the truth, on the bright side U didn’t suffer heartache and you are a strong and brave woman and have a lot to GAIN ( wisdom) Brilliantly talented Barbara will certainly EXPLAIN ( the truth how toxic Dennis really feels about U) And as time goes by, U will understand U were not to BLAME ( for Dennis belittling U and criticize and control U) Compassionate and Kindhearted Barbara will guide you thru your rough TERRAIN because she certainly is the best and most caring and qualified Advisor I must MAINTAIN! Xoxoxo

kerrygoat827 7/1/2020 stars Chat Reading

I’m a skeptic on this but was going through a dilemma regarding a crush. I let her do all the talking and she brought up something in regards to the situation that led me to believe she knew her stuff and she was telling me the truth not just rambling on telling me what I wanted to hear. So as for me, Barbara let me know I have a lot to look forward to if I just wait it out. I’ll keep her posted

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Patches2018 6/30/2020 stars Phone Reading

When your problems and situations get kind of ROUGH, And your life has been so very TOUGH, And U say I had it- That’s ENOUGH! Then don’t despair- It’s time to call kindhearted Advisor Barbara for a Reading and she will show U that she really knows her STUFF! And if your boyfriend has a very nasty habit and craves nicotine and just wants to take a PUFF, And before Jake gets so agitated and is out of control and put into hand CUFFS, Or even if he relaxes and is calm and wants a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow FLUFF, Interestingly ENOUGH, it is imperative that U call wise and prudent Advisor Barbara because she is brilliant and has proven over and over again that she certainly knows her STUFF! Xoxoxo

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Violetteless 6/30/2020 stars Phone Reading

Barbara is able to understand my shortcomings and help me in my relationship in amazing ways. Her energy work has changed my life and helped me to be more balanced. There are no words to describe my respect for her and her abilities to help me with my Guy! Love you, Barbara!

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BSB1991 6/30/2020 stars Phone Reading

I love Barbara, so much. She is the only one for me.

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Patches2018 6/29/2020 stars Phone Reading

When your troubles are so bad and you just feel like laying down to SOB, And your poor husband BOB just lost his JOB, May I suggest that you please visit gifted and talented Advisor Barbara EX 7866 and look at her BLOG ( of excellent customer Reviews) Don’t waste time and let an opportunity for another job pass by and ROB ( U lose the chance) A Chat Reading with cheerful and amazingly talented Barbara will perk U up and U will be so glad that it will make your heart THROB! So don’t despair and worry or be so anxious because Barbara works diligently and has your back and she is easygoing and non judgmental and definitely not a SNOB! So U should definitely not hesitate to reach out to top Advisor Barbara because she puts her heart and soul into helping all her clients and she certainly does an excellent JOB! ( By providing the best Advice)

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Patches2018 6/26/2020 stars Phone Reading

If you are feeling anxious and uneasy and have a lot on your MIND, My suggestion is choose loving and compassionate Advisor Barbara because she is the best Psychic you will ever FIND! And just by purchasing a Chat Reading with amazingly gifted Barbara, you will discover how delightful and incredibly KIND ( Barbara is) And lovely and kindhearted Advisor Barbara will listen to your concerns and certainly help You UNWIND! No matter how many problems You may have or if you are in a real BIND, Or how many days you may have been CONFINED ( at home due to Coronavirus lockdown) Or by how many other Advisors you may have dismissed or DECLINED ( didn’t care for) By taking a Reading with wonderful Barbara, she will prove to you that she is the best Advisor and thru her kindness and compassion and loving ways she will certainly support and help all MANKIND! Xoxoxo

Mary95 6/25/2020 stars Phone Reading

Barbara is amazing