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Featured Review JoAnn74 1/15/2020 stars Chat Reading

Barbara is so genuine and loving. She speaks from the heart. She is one you can call a friend. I have been chatting with her for a couple of years and she loving and caring. I know at times she might get sick of me asking the same question over but she is so sincere and true to her answers she has given me. POI she knows about and understands that person. I didn't have to give her any details and she picked up on things only I would know. She even picked up on things about myself. Barbara is a true psychic and will tell you how it is. She is very genuine when telling you the bad news.. She has a beautiful personality!

PatientlyWaiting35 2/12/2020 stars Phone Reading

Very insightful, warm and helpful. Barbara gave great advice & she said there is hope. Hoping things work out to the greater good. I would definitely talk with Barbara again. One of the best trustful readings I have had via phone in a long time.

Demati1975 2/11/2020 stars Phone Reading

Barbara is one of a kind !!!! A angel in physical form !!! She is spot on everything

Marika99 2/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

Barbara has been with me for a long time in thick and thin. She is quick, always on point and she has been most helpful.

*Meli13 2/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

Barbara was clearly on point with my POI and my current situation. She stated that he goes back and forth given me mix signal. He does this because he fell in love with me and he doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Patches2018 2/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

Barbara is just so awesome- invigorating- Marvelous- Splendid-! U can actually feel the love she has for her clients during her Reading! She is very calm and always so polite and compassionate and thoughtful! I cherish every Reading from Barbara! So awesome and amazingly talented and gifted! So Awesome! Way To Go Girl! Xoxoxo

Chrispix 2/5/2020 stars Chat Reading

I just love Barbara - she's been spot on with so many things and although outcomes are free-will based no one but God knows for sure the 'when', she's so spot on and in tune to anything you ask her. Loving, kind, funny and so uplifting. She'll fast become a close friend. Thank you, Barbara - it's been a rough few years which I couldn't of gotten through without ya. Talk again soon! xo

FLSunshine 2/5/2020 stars Phone Reading

I've spoken with Barbara for a while now. She is always very sincere, consistent, and compassionate. A true gift.

kristen227 2/4/2020 stars Chat Reading

reassuring kind and i hope accurate.

Patches2018 2/1/2020 stars Phone Reading

Barbara is such a fantastic Advisor! She is taller than the Alps in ability! She understands her clients and is able to tune in and pick up important details! She is refreshing, witty, has a sense of humor! She is always optimistic,cheerful and upbeat! Quite Frankly- Barbara is Simply The Best Advisor, I just adore, cherish and love her! I am always so glad to choose her! Xoxoxo