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Psychic Amber x4729

Psychic Amber x4729

Intuitive Healer& Light Worker


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254 reviews since May 2021

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Featured Review Cita1980 7/22/2021 stars Chat Reading

Amber has quickly became my go-to! She tunes in super fast in chat, always remembers me and almost always picks up exactly where we left off each time which I love. She is great at delivering the deeper reasons things are happening but also is light hearted enough to be able to make me laugh at the same time which I think is something I always find more comfortable with readers. Has already actually predicted timeframes on finances and career! Waiting to see the next predictions! Thank you Amber!

JennyJ 5/22/2024 stars Chat Reading

I really liked her energy and how kind she was. She picked up on my friend really really well and had very good advice. I will be back! Normally I only go to one person who I will continue going to but I will add Amber into my regular rotation!! She's VERY good! Give her a try!

jdem19 5/11/2024 stars Chat Reading

Amber is a wonderful advisor!! She has been guiding me through my soulmate connection the past 1.5 years. Predictions have manifested and she provides accurate insight into my soulmate, which aligns with what I experience in the physical world. Appreciate your gifts and guidance Amber!! Look forward to our next reading xxx.

Amber replied...

Thank you for sharing your own incredible journey with me over the past 1.5 years - love the exchange of energy and trust in the easy manifestation of your dreams and desires. Much Love & Light. Amber x4729

Jaymki 5/5/2024 stars Phone Reading

Amber is so sweet and compassionate. You wont be disappointed reading with her. She is worth every penny and picks up extremely quickly. Thank you for another great read and the advoce to help me Navigate through these troubled waters

Amber replied...

Thank you for your lovely Feedback- you are indeed experiencing some turbulent and troubled waters but everything can be changed into your favor in the Spiritual world so trust you are loved, protected and guided by your Guardian Angels.Trust and embrace your own beautiful light and allow new energy to come in for you. Much Love & Light. Amber x4729

Rupes4 4/29/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Amber for your insights and confirming some things I have thought about. My journey is ever changing and hopefully headed in the right direction toward the outcome I am desiring. With Amber's guidance, I feel I will get there. Amber is the BEST!

Amber replied...

Thank you lovely as we have been sharing your journey for a long time and I am happy that I can give you the insight and guidance to make informed decisions that will serve your soul destiny. Keep shining bright. Much Love & Light. Amber x4729

jjcox63 4/28/2024 stars Chat Reading

Amber was very Helpful in that I suspected the truth about the P.O.I. in my life but needed clarification on the subject. I do hope Amber will help me again in the future

Amber replied...

Thank you for your feedback - keep your focus on the Law of Attraction and be conscious of what you are sending out or attracting based on your intentions to create the outcome you want. Much Love & Light. Amber x4729

Tiffrg 4/23/2024 stars Chat Reading

She was amazingly accurate and spot on with my situation and person of interest. I highly recommend!

Amber replied...

Thank you for your lovely feedback - make choices for your higher good and embrace your own light. Much Love & Light. Amber x4729

Dave50 4/23/2024 stars Phone Reading

I found her to be accurate as well as lovely to listen to. I hope her predictions pans out and I have no reason to disbelieve. I will be calling her again.

Amber replied...

Thank you, - it was a lovely exchange of energy - at all times trust your inner guidance and the outcome you desire. Much love & Light, Amber x4729

Jaymki 4/23/2024 stars Phone Reading

Amber is truly amazing compassionate and gifted soul. Back when I was leaving my Ex she knew ahead what was coming and it did just what she said. You won’t be sorry reading with her. She is worth the money Thank you for the amazing read

Amber replied...

Thank you for your lovely feedback - I truly enjoyed the exchange of energy and I am glad that Spirit provided me with valuable information for your own protection and highest good. Much love and light Amber x4729

Rupes4 3/19/2024 stars Chat Reading

Amber has been my rock and my strength going through my situation. She has given me guidance and advice along the way as well. I'm looking forward to hearing her next insights regarding 2 deep connections I have and how to proceed. Thank you Amber for your compassion and care during this confusing time in my life.

Amber replied...

thank you as always for your lovely feedback and I am happy that everything is working out based on the energy readings as you deserve a happy outcome. Much love. Amber x4729