The Absolute Truth about Psychic Connections by Psychic Yana

Published Date 11/15/2015
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Sometimes the Psychic Connection just isn't there... and that's OK!

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There are many apparent things to consider when you take the leap to seek spiritual guidance. Of course there is a need for accuracy, direction, and truth. Furthermore, compassion, understanding, and good advice are equally important. All of these elements are only present when there is a solid connection made between an advisor and their client. 

In order to produce this connection, there has to be a willingness from both sides to participate in receiving and giving information. Acceptance also plays a big role because not all psychic insight comes in easily explainable expressions. Some readings exhaust all hope of a connection even when both parties are open and awaiting a response from the divine. 

3 Reasons Why a Proper Psychic Connection May Not Be Possible

Clients contact an advisor because they have a question, but what happens when the tables turn? Many people find it to be a bad practice or even “taboo” when an advisor has to ask a question. However, sometimes an advisor must ask a question to verify and confirm that the information they are receiving is correct. Like I stated before, psychic information doesn’t always come through the same as first person information does. The signs aren’t always clear or complete.  No advisor knows every detail of your life. Experience and the connection itself is what determines accuracy.

Many people who contact advisors have a need for aid and guidance, but some who are faced with anything other than a response they expect can become skeptical of an advisor’s accuracy.  This isn’t because the client is being unreasonable, quite the contrary it can be due to completely different underlying reasons. Some of these reasons the client may not even be aware of themselves. Skepticism can break a connection quick. There is a need from an advisor for a client to be open, accepting, and realistic. An advisor will then be able to connect and empower the client with information that they truly need when the divine sees fit.

I have spoken with many clients over the years, and I have always been curious as to how they choose advisors to speak with. By looking at the many wonderful advisors who inhabit psychic source, I imagine it can be difficult to choose just one.  The first and most obvious response is always feedback (to no surprise.) Some others have told me that it depends upon specialties, personas, and the years of experience. All of these aspects are important and carry a lot of weight, but simply because an advisor connected with someone else doesn’t mean they will connect with you. Sometimes even the most gifted advisor can’t connect during every reading. 

Peer feedback, while certainly valuable, unfortunately isn’t always a 100% reliable method of obtaining a good connection, and the same goes for all credentials of an advisor.  Think of it like this… have you ever seen a movie get amazing critical reviews and win all sorts of awards, so it must be good right? You finally decide to watch it and you just simply didn’t feel the same way. The movie wasn’t bad, but it didn’t connect with you like it did for others before. It happens with movies, TV shows, music, books and it even happens with Psychic Advisors too! 

In summary, when speaking with a client, the psychic connection is there or it isn’t. All this being said, you should never be afraid to give any advisor a chance. You may be glad you did!

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