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Published Date 9/23/2022
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Have you ever an felt intense connection with someone? Could it be a spiritual connection? This article and guided meditation can help you to connect with their spirits.

Ever had an intense connection with someone? Sometimes, you wonder if that person is your twin flame, a soulmate, or a karmic relationship. Interesting enough, there are many kinds of spiritual connections that bring life lessons (positive and negative), healing, and spiritual advancement. The crazy part is that everyone has these spiritual connections that come in different forms in our current lifetimes and even from past lives. Today, people are experiencing more past lives’ characteristics and themes (based on our soul contracts with the universe) crossing over into our current lifetimes on Earth.

Intense Spiritual Connection

The Universe's Role in Spiritual Connections

Want to know another secret? Today, the Earth is in the middle of a huge spiritual shift. The universe is wanting humanity to wake up and connect to the vibrations of being more spiritually advanced, enlightened, and interconnected with one another, especially to co-exist better as one race. See, this is where the spiritual connections we make with people, as twin flames, soulmates, or karmic relationships help us to see the truths within ourselves and the world around us.

Oh yes, I want to make a special note that spiritual connections can happen between beings of varied species, such as our animal companions. With Spirit, there is no limit by physical form. A strong bond with an animal can be sacred and special to help nourish our souls with unconditional love.

When it comes to spiritual connections, it’s about the energy exchange you get from them and how it helps your soul’s growth. Usually, our intuition is our compass (a powerful tool) to help us sense the truths within our spiritual connections. 

Another interesting note here! When it comes down to spiritual connections, people have tendencies to get stuck on putting labels on them and forget that every union is unique and the descriptions we use might not exactly match what we see or think of.  For example, have you ever heard of spiritual bypassing?  Psychic Izzy explores more about that concept in her article that you may also find interesting. 

So, this publication is about providing some guidelines on how to recognize, understand, and connect with these spiritual connections. Plus, there is a wonderful bonus of a guided meditation with Archangel Chamuel - the angel of love, peace, comfort, and protection, who will guide you towards these spiritual connections, such as a twin flame or soulmate.

Early, I mentioned the names of twin flames, soulmates, and karmic relationships. Here are some descriptions of them:

Twin Flames

Twin Flames

This kind of relationship is characterized by manifesting the strongest spiritual connection between two individuals. Two twin flames share the same energy source or divine spark when they came into existence on the spiritual plane. They have a mission to meet during a lifetime or more to evolve spiritually. When twin flames meet in person, there is a very intense emotional connection, an immediate physical attraction, and the sensation of knowing each other before. This connection shows the same expressions of feeling, thinking, and loving.

Twin flames have a way of communicating telepathically and in dreams. They share the same psychological problems, insecurities, and emotional imbalances. With twin flames, they separate a couple or several times and find their way back to each other. One of the main problems with twin flames is that one is more spiritually evolved than the other. Also, one twin flame can be the “chaser,” and the other one can be the “runner,” within the connection.

Within my current lifetime, I had the experience of meeting my twin flame. The description above is the exact experience that I went through, and it brought many life changes, especially on a strong, spiritual level. I also like to thank my twin flame for being in my life because of him then I wouldn’t be where I am today with having the courage of embracing my second career as a psychic and sharing my spiritual gifts to the world.

Here are my final intuitive thoughts on twin flames. Twin flames can be a strong love connection, but only a few stay together for a lifetime in long-term relationships. There needs to be complete harmony to co-exist amd make things work naturally or the universe will pull them apart for the right spiritual reasons. You need to remember your twin flame still has his/her own karmic and spiritual advancement to achieve as a separate individual, along with free will and choices playing out.

Last, there are more twin flames meeting up today on the Earth plane to help raise the vibrations to make humanity evolve sooner. Usually, a twin flame can be on the Earth plane to experience a human life, while the other twin is being a guide in the spiritual realm.



In this current lifetime (and in past lives), you have the good fortune to meet several soulmates. A soulmate can be a love or romantic connection, while others are great friendships. Also, a soulmate can be a relative, co-worker, or stranger.

With soulmate connections, it can be a moment in time (when someone is there for a brief period or come in and out of your life in cycles), a short/long season, or a lifetime of knowing a person. It all depends on the soul contracts you have with these connections, while not forgetting how free will and choices play out again.

The mission of soulmates is to make our lives easier and more pleasant. Soulmates guide us on our evolutionary path and leave us with valuable learning. They also awaken the good in us and help us see the best version of ourselves.

Karmic Relationships

Karmic Relationships

This kind of connection is off the spiritual law of what we experience when we generated in others and around the outside world. Karma is a set of responses we receive with our thoughts, words, and actions, whether positive or negative. It doesn’t matter if you participate in a romantic connection or a love-hate relationship with a friend or relative. The karmic attraction will involve some great suffering where it can enlighten us to wake up and give us benefit to learn certain karmic lessons of growth for our souls.

On positive note, a karmic relationship can help you awaken to a new consciousness and eliminate certain types of relationships that you need to let go. A person that has a karmic relationship must understand the reasons of what led him/her to have a negative bond. At the end, a karmic relationship can teach you what you deserve better in life and learn how to have more healthier relationships.

Most importantly, twin flame and soulmate connections generate happiness and gratitude in your life and help you become a better person. Karmic relationships serve to awaken you from the suffering that you are experiencing on Earth.

Soulmate and karmic relationships can be temporary. They remain in your life for a while, or you may never have contact with them again. Don’t forget again that twin flames remain connected forever and help you achieve that spiritual fulfillment.

How do I recognize these spiritual connections? Here are some intuitive insights of knowing how you connect with them:

  • You are comfortable in their presence.
  • You are instinctively drawn to them.
  • You are authentic and honest with them.
  • You have this mutual respect with each other.
  • You have no problem keeping up with a conversation.
  • You do anything for each other.
  • You can tell when something is wrong.
  • You feel your morals and values are aligned.
  • You feel like you know them for ages.
  • You trust them without hesitation.
  • You can communicate in silence and in dreams.
  • You get a higher self-awareness and better understanding of yourself.
  • You can move forward with your life.
  • You can progress more spiritually with them.
  • You view the connections as a way for personal growth.
  • You maintain your separate selves or lives without issues.
  • Most importantly, you had a psychic confirm the connections for you.

When it comes to spiritual connections, they are in our lives to enrich us with the transformation of being more spiritually advanced, enlightened, and interconnected with the universe. It’s all about how you respond and connect because every connection you make on Earth is a unique experience.

Blessings with peace and light.



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