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Finding Your Boundaries

Date 7/27/2021
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Know where you need to draw the line to stay in tune with your values, feelings, and beliefs.

Know where you need to draw the line to stay in tune with your values, feelings, and beliefs.

You've probably heard some solid advice about protecting your boundaries, but do you really know where those lie? You can't shore up that barrier until you've decided where to lay the foundation. Identify what your critical boundaries are so you can protect them with a vengeance.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness calls you to be fully present in the moment, letting go of what happened before and what's to come. Approach your boundaries from a place of mindfulness where you're focused solely on what you need right now. Past beliefs and future fears can get in the way of finding the right boundaries, so it's helpful to stay in the now. Working with a live psychic may help you learn strategies for being mindful and present.

Separate Your Feelings From Others' Beliefs

Important boundaries are often broken down by others' judgments and beliefs. It's important to separate your own thoughts and feelings so you're not setting boundaries based on someone else. Comments like "You're fine," "It's not a big deal," or "You don't need to do that" threaten your boundaries. Don't entertain these critiques. Check-in with your own feelings and refuse to let others redefine your truth.

Know Your Values

Take some time to carefully consider your values. Write your own manifesto and detail what you believe in. This will serve as the foundation for setting appropriate boundaries. Consider your belief system as it applies to:

  • Personal space: What are you comfortable sharing with others and when?
  • Physical boundaries: What are your requirements before you allow another to share physical touch with you?
  • Spiritual beliefs: What activities violate your spiritual belief system?
  • Material belongings: Who is permitted to use your things and under what circumstances?

There are no wrong answers. You only need to honor what is comfortable for you.

Develop Defense Strategies

Once you know what your boundaries are, you need to practice defending them. If you have trouble saying no, try using phrases like "I'll get back to you about that," or "Maybe another time." If you find that you take on the emotions of others too heavily, step back and work on practicing compassion that's sympathetic to others without making you feel responsible for them. Build self-care into your regular routines so you have time for regular meditation, journaling sessions, and psychic chats that help you check in with where you are independent of influences from others.

Watch for Warning Signs

Be mindful of key indicators that your boundaries have been pushed aside. These include feelings of:

  • Discomfort with intimacy
  • Being physically or emotionally drained
  • An inability to say no
  • Anxiety or fear
  • Extreme sensitivity to criticism
  • Indecisiveness
  • Concern for others that overwhelms your ability to care for yourself

If you notice these feelings, step back and take some time for yourself to check on your boundaries, shore up those that are out of place, and reaffirm your beliefs.

Wherever your boundaries are, they're completely valid. Know the innate rightness of any barriers that you want to build and be confident defending these! 

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