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Published Date 11/13/2017
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Is it possible to be TOO kind???

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Not to brag, but I've been described in life many times as a genuinely kind female. Yet there have been innumerable times that I've felt taken advantage of. Whose fault is it when you're too kind and how can you determine the people who will appreciate your kindness? 

As we celebrate World Kindness Day 2017 today, this got me thinking…  how much kindness is too much and when is it time to quit giving?  

When Kindness Goes Unappreciated
First, in my mind anyway, I don't need any real thanks for my kindness. Genuinely being kind means you wish no reward, except for the person to feel blessed and pass the blessing along. It's when you are blatantly unappreciated, lied to or asked more of than you feel comfortable to give, that you begin to bolt and for good reason.

It's when we see that our kindness was misused that as an empath or sensitive person it can crumble our spirit and possibly stir up anger in ourselves. A lack of thankfulness physically pains some people, it’s just how it works. The energy is so negative that even the most positive giver can feel out of sorts. It's a stabbing pain to some that can be devastating.

That's when you know it's time to stop.

Here's a perfect example. Just yesterday when at the local shopping plaza, a disheveled man came jousting toward us so fast, it almost frightened me. He asked as we were getting into the car if we could spare a dollar. You'll be shocked that I said no and wished him well. As he walked away from the car he began cursing and calling us names. Yes, that's the way he really was, in his heart very ungrateful and it shined through onto his unclean face.

I don't know how to explain it any better than that. We can't always read the heart and intentions of others, even the best psychic in the universe will have an off day. 

Kindness is a Virtue - Just Like Patience 
Kindness is described as the good will from someone's heart who genuinely appreciates all people and who truly knows the meaning of love. There is a genuine advantage to everyone when kindness is extended. For that reason, don't stop, as kindness truly makes the world go ‘round.  

My final piece of advice… Don’t practice kindness today just because the calendar told you today is a special day. Because if you are kind daily, every day will become special for you and for those who get to share your positive energy!  

Learn more about the Psychic Source Kindness Program and the great charities you can help support with your purchases. 

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angels65: Is this normal when someone is being kind to a person that he doesn't like or respect? Is it being genuinely kind? Or this is just a plain hypocrisy and therefore lacking any good energy?

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