We Will Overcome These Uncertain Times by Psychic Radha

Date 3/28/2020

What can you give today to help others have a brighter tomorrow?

What can you give today to help others have a brighter tomorrow?

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We live in uncertain times, but the truth is we always have. There is not a time in our human history when all was certain and all was safe, at least not since recorded history. 
So, I salute you with deep reverence because we all signed up to experience this paradigm shift meant for the greater good of the collective consciousness. If you sit still within yourself and you allow the howling fears of your ego to still, you can feel and hear the calm whispers of your soul shift your alignment from rigidity and fear towards abandonment and calm. 
Feel it! Breathe into it.
Exhale with intent any fear, anger or grief that might be stored in your chakras in particular the root and sacral chakra which are red and orange, respectively. 
Meditate and if you never have or have unsuccessfully attempted it. Do it again. But now do it with no pre-conception of what a meditation should be. Put it on your phone’s alarm clock for 20 minutes. Now ask your soul and/or guides for their guidance. You will hear them. Listen. Please don’t shake this off as crazy and it can’t be, when you hear their answers. For they will answer your call. 
Yes, it is that simple to hear them when you ask for them to speak to you. 
Compassion comes from self-awareness, which is something most children come through with, but we tend to forget as we harden ourselves to life and the disappointment that come from life’s experiences. 
As you watch the mass panic rip like locusts across supermarkets throughout this country and worldwide. You may feel disgust and anger rise, allow it to take flight and watch it as it catches the last whiff of toxic winds to be carried away. 
Now look around.
Who looks like they might need help? Where does compassion come from? It comes from your beautiful soul if you allow it to voice its guidance to you.  Where does guidance come from? Your guides, if you give them permission to guide you to who might need a jug of water, a meal, a long phone call, the sharing of a funny clip on your social media platform or via text. 
We will overcome this as we have overcome much worse than this. 

We will rise victorious but that will take an individual decision within yourself to give and give and give. 

But what can you give? Give your time, your smile, that parking spot, that roll of toilet paper (tee he, I had to), that moment when all else is nothing but a moment which vibrates love and peace or can denigrate into the low vibrations of lack. YOU decide. 
There is an elderly neighbor somewhere near you, seek them out. There is a single mother who does not have enough money to buy food for her kids, or can’t find diapers, seek her out. YOU know who they are. 
If you can drop a bag outside their door with a note and your number. Tell them that they are not alone, that you are here and that would you consider it a privilege to know them and to would accept this gift. 
Because to give is the epicenter of love, to offer solidarity is the jewel of your heart, to offer, compassion is your gift to the vibrational shift of mother earth as she rises out of the ashes transformed.  We are all riding upon her wings. Join hands with your fellow sisters and brothers and just be grateful that you are alive at the most transformational moment this planet has ever seen. 
Do you know why that is? Because for the first time in recorded human history, we are awake, aware, and touching the rim of a new horizon. Fall back, into God, for Power is catching you.  You won’t fall, you won’t fail, no matter what happens. Have faith that there is a greater plan which you cannot see right now but which you will laugh about with joy as you recount the story of this era in our human history!

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