We All Walk Together by Psychic Kay

Published Date 1/2/2020
Category: Kindness

"We walked together, all hearts comforting each other..."

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I was running a large office and one of my employees said he might need time off because his mother was in the hospital for surgery. I said "of course " and gave him the paperwork needed to log the request. 

The following day, he came in to see me and I asked how his mother was doing after the surgery. He burst into tears and said his mother died of complications.  I held him in my arms as he sobbed for a very long time, my heart breaking for him and his family. 17 is too young for him to lose his mother. 

I attended the funeral as a show of support for him, his brother, and his father.  It was going to only be the three of them now. It was heart wrenching. 

As it came time to place a flower on the casket, I stepped aside to let the others go first. They were family...I was not. 

Then a lovely lady came up to me and slipped her arm around mine and said "We all walk together, today". So we walked together, all hearts comforting each other...making me feel as one with the family...feeling awkward and alone no more.

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