Unforgettable Celebrations of Kindness

Published Date 1/2/2020
Category: Kindness

"There is no greater joy than seeing the smile on a child's face on their birthday."

by Mayomi, Psychic Source

In addition to working at Psychic Source, I also own and run my own small business Nek's Sweet Treats where I bake custom cakes and treats. One of the ideas I had was to create a program called "Unforgettable Celebrations." As part of the program, every month I give away one or two birthday cakes to a deserving child.

I reach out to parents via my Facebook account, I contact families that are in homeless shelters, I reach out to transitional houses and more. I have received such positive feedback and responses from these families that it brings tears to my eyes. As we get older, many of us take birthdays for granted but there are some people that are children that aren't even able to afford a birthday cake due to no fault of their own, it's just their living situations and circumstances.

So I found a way to give back to my community by helping each child that I can celebrate a birthday with a cake.  Plus, if I have the extra funds available I do a table setup for the child and family.

There is no greater joy than seeing the smile on a child's face with a cake of their favorite cartoon character or favorite movie on their birthday.

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