The Snowball Effect of Kindness

Published Date 8/27/2019
Category: Kindness

Practice kindness daily

Kindness is contagious. In the same way that negative behavior tends to elicit more negative behavior, kindness begets kindness. It's like a Mexican wave — all it takes is for one person to start and others will follow. There's no reason that person can't be you. Start practicing kindness daily and marvel at the amazing snowball effect. 

The Subconscious Effect of Kindness

One day a man decided to try a kindness experiment during his morning drive to work. For many months, he allowed other cars to cross first at a junction and kept an eye on the car behind him to see if that driver would do the same. Seven out of 10 times, the driver followed his example. The ripple effect of kindness is often subconscious. We are not even aware of it, but when we see someone else's positive behavior, we tend to copy it. 

It Changes Someone's Mood

It's amazing how something as simple as a smile or a compliment can lift someone's spirits. Think back to a day when you were in a foul mood. Then, someone with a beaming smile and a friendly greeting came along. Did you leave that encounter feeling a little lighter and happier? That's the impact kindness has on people. Whether it's simply kind words or an act of generosity, kindness has the power to change someone's mood from sad to happy. The giver also benefits. It's proven that kind and generous people are happier than selfish people.

Kindness Benefits Society 

In times of trouble, the true essence of the human spirit comes to the fore. All it takes is a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or a catastrophic accident for people to rally to the aid of others. Even the best psychics can't predict exactly when disaster will strike, but when it does, the outflowing of kindness that follows helps those affected get back on their feet. Even if you donate or volunteer your time within your community, your unselfish act will touch the lives of many people you may never personally meet. 

You Get What You Give

Have you ever noticed how you just can't be angry or nasty to some people? When you think about why that it is, it's likely because they're just so doggone nice. This proves that how you treat people directly influences how people treat you. That's a powerful concept. You can either bring out the best or the worst in people. Be a grouch and others will respond in a rude manner. Be nice, smile, and spread joy, and others will be just as nice to you.

In a harsh world where division, hatred, and violence are increasing, now more than ever before, the world needs an extra dose of kindness. So start a movement of kindness to change your life, the lives of others, and, ultimately, the world. If you're not sure where to start, a quick call to a phone psychic can help give you direction.


For 30 years, Psychic Source has been helping customers by providing wisdom and guidance to achieve their best selves. This got us thinking, “How can we do more to help society as a whole?” Together, we have the power to be part of something bigger. With your help, we can touch the lives of others across the globe.

Learn more about the Psychic Source Kindness program and the great charities you can help support with your purchases.  

Thank you for your compassion, gratitude and help making the world a better place.

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