The Power of $1.00

The Power of $1.00

Published Date 1/2/2020

Something as simple as $1.00 can make a huge difference!

Something as simple as $1.00 can make a huge difference!

--by Kristin, Psychic Source

Most days after work my husband and I go for a walk outside to get some fresh air and catch up on the day. Yesterday was no different except for a $1.00 bill. 

As we walked around our neighborhood, we passed a house with a car parked in front of it and laying on the ground was a $1.00 bill.  We picked it up and put it under the windshield wiper of the car it laid next to.  We hope it will be a small but pleasant surprise the next time the owner of the car comes out to go for a drive.

My husband then smiled and said this was quite ironic.  He told me that earlier the same day, he decided to pay for the coffee of the car behind him in the drive thru.  The total came to just over $1.00.  He said the women in the car proceed to follow him until she could pull up beside him to say thanks!  

It’s crazy how something as simple as $1.00 can make such a difference in a person’s day. 


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