The Connection Between Kindness and Karma by Psychic Donovan

Date 7/29/2020
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How are Kindness and Karma linked to each other?

How are Kindness and Karma linked to each other?

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Like most people, I really do want wisdom. As much wisdom as I can get. Preferably before I am too long in the tooth to use it or enjoy it. Cross-culturally, and in terms of most major religions, the highest form of wisdom is born from kindness. This idea stems from early teachings of what most people call karma: the belief system (The Golden Rule) that our voice, thoughts, and deeds we are conducting now are paving our future moments. What you put out; you get back. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Why and how acting kind through my (karma) voice, thoughts, and deeds would transport me to higher states of wisdom has always attracted me, lulled me. How karma and kindness are antecedents to greater wisdom has been a real bee in my bonnet. I have wanted what the ancients knew, and what is obviously a cross-cultural understanding, and I want it now! I know I haven’t been alone in this search. 

Change Your Filter
A friend of mine recently gave me a book written by a neuroscientist named Karl Pribram. Pribram is deceased for a while now, but his books talk about how the brain both projects and interprets simultaneously. Very similar to how a lotus blossom blooms and seeds simultaneously. In other words, we can’t ever see things as they really are, we only see them as WE are. That is, whatever lovely or grouchy filters we are broadcasting through we will sure as heck be receiving through, simultaneously. Until we change the filters. 

Kindness Builds Confidence and Love
This makes a plethora of sense to me because I’ve recently been seeing so many people posit gratitude in place of expectation and their whole world turns in one day. I love the idea that (karma) voicing, acting, and thinking kindness is not changing anything except me, yet adding to everything--that is, projecting kindness was filling or creating the moments ahead. More specifically: thinking kindness was creating profoundness and lifting ourselves up, voicing kindness was creating confidence and lifting others up, and acting kindness was creating love. 

What simpler method could there be for experiencing wisdom than lifting ourselves and others with the demonstrative understanding that there is love to be found in this world? And the transformative effects (wisdom) of using (karma) voice, thought, and deed to deliver kindness seems all too clear to me, as well as how practicing such a process would render a fool such as myself a far happier fellow.

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