Manifesting in Social Media

Published Date 1/2/2020
Category: Kindness

How do you choose to behave on Social Media?

In these highly charged times, Social Media can be a force for good… or the not so great. However, the use of Social Media can be your secret and powerful tool.  How?  If you believe in any form of manifesting via personal or collective intent, or by way of adjusting what you focus on, you will begin to see that what you pay attention to the most, grows.  One of the reasons we see so many things coming about rapidly is because we are co-creating, often without even being aware. 

When it Comes to Social Media, We Have Choices…

  • We have access to adjusting what is in our news feeds. You can comment and emphasize a particular energy OR calm other energies down.

  • We can rant, vent and share our negativity and talk about our fears or how we believe things may unfold OR we can be a positive force in as a world that perhaps could be used to think outside of the box, dream and contemplate stories that have happy endings.

  • We can post and comment to the positive OR the negative.

  • We can construct OR deconstruct.

  • We can create OR tear down.

We have choice.

Does it matter how we choose to do that, what we post or how we comment? No, not really. But it does matter that we are aware of the incredible power we have to create or destroy, and we are choosing with intent what we want for the outcome. We can literally see that we are writing the story in social media, choosing our focus and writing how we believe the story will conclude.

While social media is not often real life, it certainly can reflect real life... and as we practice having conscious intent here, that conscious intent becomes a pattern and that pattern will follow us out into the day to day real world.

Encourage yourself to be a positive force
, to write happy endings, to find the silver lining and to provide hope to yourself and to those you are connected with.  Life is not always fair or easy, and while we cannot control what is handed to us, we can make it like a social media post and decide if we are going to frame it as the victim, the survivor or the thriver.

Try it for a day in social media, be the most positive force out there, engage in the good stuff and choose to not feed energy into the negative... and simply see what you notice.

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