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Published Date 5/9/2017
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Compassion towards others leads to kindness!

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Fear is a hard thing to overcome, especially if it is deeply rooted. Fear of other people, who may look different from you, or live their lives differently from you, is becoming a common theme in the world today. But remember, at some point in our lives we were all outsiders. It could have been when you first went to school, or when you started a new job that you last felt different or like an outsider. 

Have you ever moved to a new city or even just changed neighborhoods?  If you take the time to try to remember what that feeling was like, how uncomfortable it made you feel in your own skin. Or if you didn’t know what was expected of you or how to behave in a new situation. It can help immensely to dig deep and find a common thread with people you might not feel compassion for at first. 

We Are More Alike Than Different
I guarantee you that every person who has ever lived has shared that sense of not knowing how to act or behave in a new situation at least once in their lives. Too many times people forget that there is so much more underneath that makes everyone alike, than there are things that make us different.

Emotionally, we as humans all fear things, all hope for things, all love and hate things. We are all trying desperately to get through life and survive what is coming day to day. It is so easy to get caught up in our own mess that we don’t think about how much we impact other people. Road rage is a common trope now in society. People forget to say please and thank you. Who has time to learn about their fellow human beings when our own lives are going at the pace of an Indy 500 race?

Compassion Leads to Kindness
Living in your own space and only thinking about your own problems is understandable, but it can also create chasms with our neighbors and people whose lives we impact and brush up against every day. Understanding and compassion go a long way towards enabling kindness to our fellow humans. That in turn can go a long way towards making us all feel better about being in this together. When we realize we are in this life together, we can sometimes feel less fear because we know we aren’t alone. 

Kindness and compassion can seem hard to come by. Sometimes it feels like you have no energy to live your own life let alone to give any energy to anyone else. But the funny thing about kindness is that it pays you back in compounding interest. When you are kind to someone else, even small kindnesses can feed your own soul in ways you don’t realize. When you look at your fellow human being with compassion, it makes you worry less about your own problems, even if only for a split second.

If you try to remember that the person next to you is just like you emotionally, underneath everything on the outside that might make you think you are completely different, it will make being kind to them much easier. Kindness always pays great dividends.

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