Kindness is an Expression of Love by Psychic Kimberle

Date 9/2/2022

A kind smile goes a long way!

A kind smile goes a long way!

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When I think of kindness I think of everyone as a soul. I think I have always seen people as just souls and not their coloring, culture or gender but as just souls with tasks or lessons to complete.

All souls want to share love. It does not matter their skin type, drive, or perception. They truly do want to share love. It’s how we are all wired. It’s a reflection of the other dimension to want to love, share and be kind. 

It Feels Good to be Kind

Our levels of understanding and expressing love are of course different and that makes us all unique. We all know the effect on our own self of when someone is kind to us and we all certainly know the effect when someone is not so kind to us. It feels good to be kind or witness kindness. Even the seemingly darkest of souls have a flicker of love or light in them and that flicker understands and desires love. To me, kindness is an expression of love. 

Forms of Kindness

Kindness comes in all forms such as opening a door for a stranger to asking how someone’s day is going. Kindness can be listening when someone is blowing off steam or picking up a favorite treat for a friend for no reason. Kindness can be a quick smile to a stranger or appreciation to someone that may pump our gas on a cold winter morning or ring up our purchases at the grocery store. Kindness may be a hug or lending an ear but all are forms of love. 

There is a saying that what we feed grows and what we starve dies. Could you imagine a world where everyone started to see people as souls with tasks and we all started to feed those souls with acts of kindness and compassion no matter the exterior identity or their level of understanding of love?

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