Kindness From A Fellow Passenger

Date 1/2/2020

"I was touched by the gesture."

"I was touched by the gesture."

by Seagreen

I remember a few years ago I was taking the bus to go downtown and my transportation card did not have enough money on it. Right when I was about to take dollar bills out of my wallet to ask for change from other bus passengers a women got up and I don't recall what she said but think she said "I got this" and took her transportation card out and it swiped by the fare box. I was touched by the gesture.

I remember thanking her right before the bus stopped at my stop and she gave me a nod as to possibly say "no problem" and perhaps a message to keep going forward no matter how tough life is. Whoever that women was, I thank her for kindness and wouldn't be surprised if she has been blessed with kindness, goodness, etc. in return.

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