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Published Date 6/11/2018
Category: Kindness

"I saw a crucial need for young adults with special needs to socialize in their communities."

by dobetter1995

I have an adult son who is on the Autism Spectrum. I realized that he did not have friends to hang out with after school, and that many of his classmates had the same problem.  I saw a crucial need for young adults with special needs to socialize in their communities, so I began by connecting with my local library and asked if they could begin an exclusive event one time per month for this specific population.  I helped them write a grant and worked on fun monthly themed ideas to expose young adults ages 16 and up to new experiences in a safe and neurodiverse sensitive environment.

Thanks to many kind library staff, these young people meet up once per month and have fun together.  Many individuals rely on this monthly outing to see familiar faces that they no longer see daily, due to graduating high school.  The socials are free and may include board games, coloring activities, video games, music, food, quiet areas, and more.  Unique activities have included:  magician performances, comic book authors sharing their expertise, robotics demonstrations, Irish dancing, square dancing, trying food from around the world, dance parties, game nights, paint nights, etc.  I am grateful to my local library staff and thrilled that they took my idea and ran with it.

I am glad to have spearheaded such a wonderful special community event and very happy that my son and all of his friends enjoy hanging out on a regular basis.  For more information about my son, what we do and how we help, please visit Autism Guards.  Thank you!

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