Every Little Thing Counts - A Random Act of Kindness by Psychic Cory

Published Date 2/17/2017
Category: Kindness

A Random Act of Kindness can happen when you least expect it!

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I marvel at the gift of life -- how each day is another opportunity to be kind.
And I adore this quote: "A kindness to you is a kindness to me."  - Byron Katie 
Once upon a day in the spring of 2016, I was shopping in my small local grocery store perusing the yummy vegetables when I noticed an elderly gentleman frantically searching for something.   
Now it happens that I have an especially soft spot in my heart for elderly people, so I became extra alert and asked one of the cashiers what had happened.  She stated that he’d lost five dollars. I immediately began my search. As I continued, I heard him giving his phone number to the cashier in the event his money was found.  
As I watched him walk out the door I instinctually knew what I had to do. I left my cart in place and bolted out the door after him. Once I caught up to him, I gently tapped him on the shoulder, and speaking softly so as not to startle or alarm him, smiled and said: “Excuse me Sir, I found your five dollars.” He looked more surprised than happy at first as I handed it to him. Then he thanked me warmly still seemingly surprised or even a little confused as I walked off and back to the store to finish my shopping. 
Once I returned to the store, the cashier I’d previously spoken with looked at me quizzically as if to ask what had happened. I went through the scenario with her. She then explained the area where the money had been lost and that it should still be found. I stated that if the money is found, to please call the gentleman and give him that original five dollars too. That felt so good and fun for me.   
Yet, as every great story goes, his five dollars was found minutes later and the cashier insisted I should have it.  She said: "It’s Karma, what goes around comes around."
I decided to accept the money – it was like receiving another gift that day. I cried the whole way home because the number "5" is significant for me. That’s because, in the last years of my dad’s life, he told me that when he says the number "5" on our phone calls, that means it was my cue to say goodbye. He grew tired easily in those days and sometimes those calls were very short. I loved each and every one of them and was always amused when he simply said "5".  We would both start our conversations asking how the other was, then both say: "If you’re okay, I’m okay." We would end them by saying: "I love you more than words could ever say."    
The thing is, whenever I see an elderly person I always look to see if they need any help because it’s somehow as if I’m still helping my dad, since he always helped everyone throughout his life.  My dad was a Random-Act-Of-Kindness expert.
So, enjoy your random acts of kindness too !  

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