Venus and Mars Synastry - Love, Sex and Attraction Ruled by Two Planets by Psychic Moira

Date 2/24/2023
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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?

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Your astrology chart chronicles your relationships. It reveals your emotional attachments through your Moon placement and your Sun sign compatibility.

The placement of Mars and Venus indicates the nature of your romantic and sexual relationships, as well as the passion that drives your attraction and determines how well you will hold the connection as your journey continues.  

Dazzling Venus is the planet of desire.

The zodiac's pleasure gauge, Venus represents romantic love as well as attitudes about luxury and money.  It’s the sultry voice in your head telling you who and what you want. Chiefly occupied with business of attracting enjoyment and love, Venus doesn't get her hands dirty with the work of acquiring things. Instead, like a magnet, Venus draws the heart’s desire inward.  In relationship compatibility, Venus represents your feelings about your own desirability, personal beauty, and the type of relationships that most satisfy you.  Venus points to the way you express love and sexual enjoyment. Your Venus expression is your approach to coupling and the way you show love for your partner. 

Mars, the action planet, is all about passion and getting things started.

When called upon, Mars steps in to serve the needs of Venus. Ambition, desire, liberation…Mars represents the urge to succeed and go after the things you crave. Mars is all about sexual expression and drive, indicating how we go after what we want.  It points to the ways in which we are brave, impulsive, honest, and self-assured. 

When Mars and Venus are working together, it's a beautifully symbiotic relationship. These two planets are important agents in how you connect romantically and sexually.  But what happens when there's conflict in your relationship? What can you do when your soul mate is driving you completely mad? Empowering yourself with a little knowledge of Mars and Venus will be helpful understand the nature of your attraction, as well as your partner's needs and expectations.  

Venus conjunct your partner’s Mars

Try as you might, you can’t play this off as "just friends" in public; everyone sees the bright spark between you. Impossible to ignore, the sexual and romantic attraction is tantalizing.  In an ideal situation, you'll experience an almost instant attraction, similar sexual desires, and natural connection. You may form a best friend type of relationship, feeling comfortable together and finishing each other's sentences.  The off-the-charts chemistry is unlikely to fade over time, and even if you choose to let the relationship this go, you will always fondly remember the passion you shared, choosing to remain close friends throughout your lives.

Venus trine your partner’s Mars

When your natal Venus is trine your partner’s Mars, your romantic relationship feels natural and affectionate. Your love is like a mutual admiration society. You're compatible in every way and the relationship is a perfect source of satisfaction and fulfillment. The Venus person admires the Mars’ outward strength, and Mars adores the Venus’ inner qualities. The Venus-Mars trine is a genuine and long-lasting love; fulfilling for both partners. Disagreements are minor and easily worked out.  Romantic love and sexual compatibility do not fade, and the feeling of being "in love" remains. The relationship has a very easy-going energy resulting in a lifetime partnership.

Venus sextile your partner’s Mars

Tenderness and passion are gifts of the Venus-Mars sextile.  This relationship feels greatly satisfying for both of you. There’s a powerfully romantic attraction between you, and although it’s more of a slow burn than a bright burst of flame, you instinctively know how to make one another happy. It’s not love at first sight; your connection grows stronger over time. Yours is not the flash of burning passion, but rather the realization that the right one was there all along. You're very sexually compatible; playful and a bit experimental.  To some of your friends, you might appear quirky, or likr an odd couple that no one ever thought would get together but you fit perfectly and have lots of fun.  Your love is here to stay.

Venus square your partner’s Mars

Venus square Mars is the most challenging, turbulent relationship. We find a psychic attraction with off-the-charts passion, but there is jealousy in equal measure. The romantic-sexual attraction between you is very high but the timing is all wrong which leads to sexual misunderstandings, jealousy, anger, and intense feelings that run hot and cold. Venus will find Mars too assertive, offended by Mars’ directness.  The Mars person feels confused by Venus’ rejection. It’s challenging and complicated, and absurdly powerful.  Venus shuts Mars out. Sometimes they stalk each other on social media, refusing to speak with one another.  The good news is that not all Venus square Mars’ end in disaster. Know what you’re dealing with and work with the energy. Feelings can swing back and forth so take a break to work toward clear communication.

Venus opposition your partner’s Mars

Opposites do attract and when your natal Venus opposes your partner's Mars, sparks fly!  Your attraction is undeniable, but you have disputes that you will need to overcome, significant differences involving the ways you choose to express love. It may be challenging to communicate how you want to accept your partner’s affection.  It can turn into a contest for dominance as each of you attempts to convert the other to your methods and opinions. Things get uncomfortable and struggles occur when one or both of you is prone to possessiveness or jealousy.  Much creativity is required to navigate this stunningly hot mix. Practice diplomacy if you want this romance to be something more than competition. 


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